Tuesday, 26 May 2020

How Cult Clash Over Supremacy Consume Lives In Oworonshoki: Olaleye Idowu

Lagos CP investigating clash between Okada riders, policemen in ...

A settlement within Lagos metropolis known as oworonshoki was however, put into pandemonium yesterday as a suspected member of Aiye confraternity identified as OBJ was reported killed by rival cultist   

Urban Express News-online gathered that the said OBJ was actually one of their notorious kingpin terrorising that said environment and was said to be coming from a location with the understanding of heading to a specific destination within the axis of oworonshoki before other rivals suspected to be from another confraternity rammed his vehicle from behind.
An Eyewitness’, who simply identified himself as Rasheed told urban Express-News Correspondent that the said OBJ alighted from his vehicle and those cultists took advantage of that action and attacked him using Machete  blows and fled the scene as those attackers pursued him, pinned him down and was further dealt with until he died.
These developments were said to have attracted tension coming from those settlers of oworonshoki to be running helter-skelter even with  those having small scale businesses were not left out as they hurriedly  closed their shops for fear of reprisal.  
It was also gathered that OBJ group went for reprisal while avenging the death of their cultist while more unidentified members cult group was said to have been killed as a result.

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