Monday, 18 May 2020

Farewell To A Good Man, Apostle Olugbenga Olaofe! Olusegun Ariyo

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There is no gainsaying making pretence about the person of late Chief Olugbenga Olaofe in the way he has changed the life of many that have come across him for one thing or the other.

Writing a farewell of someone that has many qualities and selflessness in leadership that has affected many Nigerians including myself remains a pleasant thing to do as a way of honouring the dead.

I am writing this at the dawn of his demise and so do I have the benefit of narrating some  of our great and evergreen engagements tilting towards memory lane, the adulation of him that would unfold and follow.

In one of our close engagement in Abuja recently, he told a telling experience of how he grew up and how  God used his father for him, lifting him just as it was the way God operates in showing one mercy with favour, which according to him, must come with one’s efforts physically before consulting spiritual.

Hear him; “ Segun Aburo mi” as he fondly calls me” becoming a man can be tasking, I remember in 1983 after finishing as a National Diploma student at the polytechnic Ibadan, went further becoming a chartered Accountant and even at that, there was no job. My father was seriously bordered and requested I see him back home in Oyo state, on getting there, he saw me and we exchange pleasantries and ask again, have you gotten a job? I answered saying nothing yet! Segun, do you know what Dad did? He stepped out and hit his hand on the ground and rose to face the sky, saying if indeed I’ve been serving you with all my heart o’ lord, this is the time you will answer my prayers giving my son Olugbenga Olaofe a good job”.
That was it Segun, he said! Got back to Lagos, it was as if almighty was there when dad was actually making that statement, it was all breakthrough since then. There is nothing God cannot do Segun.

I left his hotel room with high inspiration from that moment onward to my room that night. That massage struck me all through till date until I saw a message on his WhatsApp image indicating his transition, transcending to great beyond. Still in shock, never knew this is how good people just leave without showing any sign of notice. 
I was touched in many ways with those inspirational words as it is unusual of some that you meet casually and you eventually got stuck to each other, the bound alone is something else, it was like blood relations and then comes many signs of appreciation with an effusion of great words, that alone humbles me, which no doubt had continued and that which I never abused until the announcement of his demise filtered.

Late chief Gbenga Olaofe remains a testimony of how true relevance and appreciation of is leadership to us is today, adding to it is his constant reminder to some of us how we must do things accordingly at all time as no room for excuse.

Sleep well chief Olugbenga Olaofe, may the Good Lord rest your soul, simply unforgettable!!

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