Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Restriction Order Vs Hunger; What Nigerians of Different Income Status Says: Olusegun Ariyo

COVID-19: Please stay at home, Buhari appeals to Nigerians -

President Mohammadu Buhari had before today, handed down a directive requesting Ogun, Lagos and federal capital territory to be on lockdown in other to stem the ravaging pandemic that has been killing thousands of people all over the world.

Although the first phase of the restriction order was initially announced on the 29th of March 2020, the president again shocked some Nigerians in the late hours of yesterday when he made another broadcast to the nation, announcing his decision to extend the lockdown to another 14 days.

The president had through his media adviser, Mallam Garba Shehu said in a statement  he will be coming up with other palliatives to cushion  the effects of the Nigeria people.

The statement put further that  President Buhari  entreated Nigerians not to  weaver in complying with the lockdown order which aims at allowing citizens to observe social distancing to break the cycle of transmission of the novel virus.

According to him, Nigerians should be patient and be determined to defeat Coronavirus pandemic.

As of today, Nigeria had 111 COVID-19 cases with eleven deaths, according to the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC); those cases were recorded in 11 states and the federal capital territory (FCT).

The virus had increased to 324 in the country after fresh 17 cases were recorded in the country and states where fresh cases were recorded were Lagos, Katsina, FCT, Niger, Kaduna, Anambra, and Ondo.
But on these developments, there have been so many outcries from Nigerians over issues   surrounding the restriction order, the palliatives measure of the federal government and trending views on the hunger that most residences in Lagos  said is increasingly becoming unbearable. There is also the issue surrounding the effectiveness of the palliatives the federal government is introducing to the inhabitants where the restrictions order is being handed down. 

Urban express News-online sort the views some Nigerians at high, middle and low income earners around Lagos  which happened to be one of the states that were lockdown by president mohammadu Buhari.

A residence at park view estate, Ikoyi who spoke pleaded on condition of anonymity told urban Express-News Online that there are about a hundred individual Nigerians that have sent their accounts  details to his inbox and still counting for him to send money to them.

“There is no how a ten thousand Naira will not be sent to them, money is not coming into the account but decreasing as a result of spending, we are not part of those government is considering in their palliatives but the truth of the matter is that we’ve been spending and nothing is coming forth”

“To make matter worse, the president yesterday extended the lockdown order, even if the motive behind it is good, the methodology behind the distribution of the palliatives must be advanced in other for even distribution at least to allow us at this end rest”

He said why should it be that when a government starts with giving a twenty Naira to the poor people in Abuja is not doing much at the same time with the rest states of Lagos and Ogun where there  is the same restriction order hand down by the president at the same time, he asked!

“He the virus remains deadly and at the same time, hunger can be deadlier, ‘one must ensure those palliatives are thoroughly given fair and even consideration.

Back in Ikeja, this time a middle-income earner who describes himself as Mrs. Bolanle told urban Express News-online that government must take seriously issue of hunger in the way it is taking Coronavirus pandemic.

She said once there is no food in  the stomach, there is nothing one can do, no movements, those that are making money on a daily basis can’t make money due to the restriction order, and all that they said they’ve distributed is yet to get to us at Ogba, here in Ikeja!
Many of us that are widows should be a priority to both government at and centre but we are yet to see what they are distributing.

Yes, the virus is deadly, but many of our children after graduating are yet to get employments and this had made some of them engage in daily activities in other for them to get their daily bread, the social distancing is there but many do not consider it just because of hunger.

Bolanle said the government must think inward to see how hunger and the virus are managed especially in those states where the president had pronounced a total lockdown.

Mr. Haruna makanjuola, a resident of Jakande estate at ipaja on his own believes the false alarm being raised recently by some youths is nothing but hunger that is ravaging majority of unemployed youth within the environment.

I’m not saying the step the government is taking against this pandemic is not good but it must as well be on a side by side basis with minimizing hunger.

He said the pressure is on the police as they are at the receiving end, he added; how does one expect to keep a hungry man at home without nothing? If you are conversant with the news recently, you will see an individual Nigerian in Abuja after he was arrested for driving against the restriction order, all he did was stripping naked in protest, saying  he has  no source of income and that he had wife and children at home, this indeed is the same problem befalling many of our inhabitants with low-income status here in jakande estate ipaja!  

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