Friday, 24 April 2020

COVID-19 Update; 108 New Cases Surfaced, Making A Total Sum of 981 In Nigeria As New Drug Fails After trial

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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has announced 108 new confirmed surfaced cases of Coronavirus in the country, making a total sum of 981 as new Drug testing on the virus fails trial.
The report was obtained by our correspondent Via NCDC Twitter handle.
The report also indicates that three-person died of Coronavirus-related complications in the country, making the number of causality rise to 31.

The report on indicates that as of 23rd of April, 2020 108 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Nigeria. Till date, 981 cases have been confirmed, 197 cases have been discharged and 31 deaths have been recorded in Nigeria.
“The 108 new cases are reported from eight states – Lagos (78), Federal Capital Territory/Abuja (14), Ogun (5), Gombe (four), Borno (three), Akwa Ibom (two), Kwara (one), Plateau (one).”
“As of 11:30 pm on 23rd April, cases by state: Lagos -582, FCT-133, Kano-73, Ogun-29, Katsina -21, Osun -20, Oyo – 17, Edo – 17, Borno – 12, Kwara – 11, Akwa Ibom – 11, Kaduna – nine, Gombe – nine, Bauchi – eight, Delta – six, Ekiti – four, Ondo – three, Rivers – three, Jigawa – two, Enugu – two, Niger – two, Abia – two, Benue – one, Anambra – one, Sokoto – one, Adamawa – one, Plateau – one.”
Also, of the 197 cases who have been discharged, 106 were in Lagos, 35 in Abuja, five in Ogun, 18 in Osun, five in Oyo, seven in Edo, two in Kwara, three in Akwa Ibom, four in Kaduna, five in Bauchi, two in Ekiti, one in Ondo, two in Enugu, and two in Rivers.
Meanwhile Reuters (AFP) report that the experimental antiviral Drug for Coronavirus had failed in its first clinical trial to treat COVID-19 illness.
The Report was quoted as saying the document that was accidentally published by the world health organisation  
Gilead Sciences, the company behind the medicine, disputed how the now-deleted post had characterized the findings, saying the data showed a “potential benefit.”
A summary of the experiment said remdesivir was “not associated with a difference in time to clinical improvement” compared to the control, according to health news site Stat, which posted a screenshot.
After a month, 13.9 percent of the patients on remdesivir had died compared to 12.8 per cent of those in the control group.
 “As such, the study results are inconclusive, though trends in the data suggest a potential benefit for remdesivir, particularly among patients treated early in disease,” he said.
The study does not represent the final word on the matter and there are several large-scale trials in advanced stages that should soon provide a clearer picture.
Remdesivir belongs to a class of drugs that act on the virus directly — as opposed to controlling the abnormal and often lethal autoimmune response it causes.

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