Friday, 27 March 2020

Extortion: Come To My Office and Complain Personally, Area P Commander Tell Stakeholders: Olaleye Idowu

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“There is no way one won’t find bad eggs in any organisation and the police is not an exception, we have warned police personnel in charge of traffic management to desist from extortion, and anybody found wanting will face the music, as I speak, there are two personnel in the command's custody and still counting on a similar case. Once any of you is bent on trying to spoil the image of the police, I will lead you to the direction of the exit door”.

This was the submission of the Area Commander of Area “P” police command, Acp Adepoju Ougbenga to stakeholders as a means of sensitizing them on government directive on the restriction of motorcycles and tricycles plying ipaja and Alimosho routes.

The sensitization which took place along Alimosho ipaja road saw members of Tricycle Association, jakande estate residence and other inhabitants within ipaja metropolis present. 

The area commander who spoke against extortion and other complaints warns his personnel to desist from such and request anybody among the okada and tricycle drivers to come personally to his office and complain and see if there won’t be a reaction to such development.

Explaining further, Acp Ougbenga urge them to always feel free to come to his office for whatever compliant as his open-door policy has not changed.

The reaction came as a result of complaints and accusation of extortion allegation from some police personnel along Alimosho ipaja route where the government had recently applied restriction and requested the police in the entire Area command to enforce and ensure sustainable restriction where residents some motorcycle and tricycles owners are complaining against government  decision and how some police personnel has been taking undue advantage to  allegedly extorting money from them, turning the situation to be more severe to those plying the route.

Some of the stakeholders are of the opinion that the state government should lift the ban on that route specifically as another long length lane of the same width in other location such as Surulere and Lagos island are being allowed to have tricycle popularly known Keke Marwa and okada to carry passengers from various origin to destination and back to their various origins

His word: 'we are partners in progress, as the enforcement of such restriction remains our responsibility once there is a directive  to that effect, our inhabitants should equally know that  our understanding of community policing deals with every aspect of our security environment and this isn’t done in isolation, which explains the importance of our partnership as a means of ensuring community development".

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