Friday, 21 February 2020

Pandemonium As Army Invades Twins-faja Supermarket At Iba, Slaps Supervisor After Refusing To Join Queue By Our Correspondent

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A Popular Business-mall  known as Twins-faja supermarket located along-side Lagos State University main campus, adjacent to jakande housing  estate at IBA, close proximity with Army cantonment Barracks at Iba LCDA was on Tuesday night thrown into a state of pandemonium as many customers were seen scampering for safety, while others are moving out jittering.

Urban Express-News Online gathered there was an invasion by some stern military men who came with An OP MESA Vehicle with inscription Sector-G 0038, entered the supermarket and start beating customers, members of staffs specifically the cashier after having advised a man who identified himself as a “General” in the Nigeria Army to follow the queue but refused because of impatience and what he resorted too was to slap the supervisor!  

An eyewitness who spoke on condition of anonymity told urban Express-News correspondent that the said man drove in a Toyota corolla ash colour with registration number IND40-fj with his wife and two children and that after a while, what he discovered was how people were running out scampering for safety.

Upon visiting the scene a day after to ascertain what transpired, one of the victim and staff of twins-faja  supermarket whose name is Abulu Kate in an exclusive interview  told our correspondent that she was actually attending to customers on queue only to find out that there was this particular man that was trying to jump the queue, upon noticing, “I had to advise that he  follow through the queue, only for him to start shouting at me, saying “do you know who I am? I’m a General, and you have to attend to me, this was how I decided to call my supervisor to explain to the so call “General” how things are done here, but rather, all that was said in other to allow him to see reasons fell on his deaf ears, “shouting, I must be attended too”, and in that process, he dragged our supervisor, slapped her and left angrily. 

“What I discovered thereafter was the presence of Army Personnel, coming directly inside Twins-faja supermarket, beating innocent’s customers, staffs while others scamper for safety and all I did was to hide under a cupboard, avoiding those soldiers the “General” brought to invade the supermarket not to get me injured, kate said!  

Assistant Manager of Twins-Faja supermarket, Mr Odewale Abbas explaining  his ordeal in the hands of the military; said he was refused entry into the supermarket even though he never knew what was going on from the outside, he added; stern-looking Army men bungled me inside the OP MESA Vehicle where I meet with other staffs suffering the same dilemma including a National Youth Service Corps member (NYSC) serving in Twin-faja supermarket.

“The soldiers were on the verge of taking us to an unknown destination; “we will shut down this supermarket, "you haven’t seen anything yet”, you are dealing with "Nigeria Army”; this is strange, I have never experienced this kind of invasion in my life”, Abbas said!

Continuing, Abbas said one of the soldiers collected his phone and threatened him severally, his word:  "if not for God's  intervention, the solders are bent on taking us to an unknown destination.

The said Corp member identified as Rasheed Ramón with Reg Number; LA19B3692 serving at Twins-faja supermarket  told our correspondent that anybody sighted by those soldiers is flogged with a cable wire, he added “I was taken outside and  was ordered  to sit on a bare  floor”, in that process I lost twenty-thousand, two hundred and fifty Naira (20,000,250).

 Another staff, Kemi Babalola, who was actually in the video footage showing how the said soldier manhandled her, and the way she was slapped by the soldier, gave a chilling detail of how the said soldier fervently abused her. Explaining further, Kemi said the Army officer insist they must provide her to him or he will unleash more mayhem on them and twins-faja supermarket.

“sir, the normal procedure is allowing for due process to prevail which means everybody must queue” this was all that was submitted  before the Army officer pounced on me,  insisting he was going to shoot me, after the cause of his initial action.

Kemi said other soldiers came in, in their numbers, requesting the cashier to stop work, and ask that they provide her and the other person that held the officer’s hand.

“Four of our staffs got injured, goods damaged, as customers had to drop their purchased items and scamper for safety”.

On its Network failure, Ayoku James, An ICT officer with twins-faja supermarket said the soldiers succeeded in disrupting some wiring network that severely affected food items that needs preservation which eventually took so many hours before it was fixed, damaged items running into millions.  

Our Correspondent eventually got the soldier’s number and a call was put through to his phone several times but declined, however, truce caller shows his identity as  Capt Mike.

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