Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Urban Crime Buster of The Month That Comes With Rapid Response That Yielded Fruit

 Diligent and swift proactiveness to issues of security emergency is one area that has been generating concerns regarding its degree of response from security agents, this aside, there is also the distillation process about  how those that was swift in responding to emergencies, and were able to save lives, which exposes how far an officer could go in being smart and effective, writes Olusegun Ariyo.

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“What we did was to call our "oga" who in turn responded promptly and called for more reinforcements from base 65 that was how we were able to rescue those three members of the  National security and civil Defence corp from mob attack”

This was the submission of a static police officer attached to industry along Kudirat Abiola way with a location at Ikeja,  that rescued three Civil Defence Corps Officers from a mob attack after it was alleged that one of them actually pulled a trigger that shot a Keke Driver identified as Michael David.   

Although, our correspondent later confirmed that the driver was said to have recuperated and discharged,  but then, the three Nigeria Security Civil Defence corp members identified as Shittu Eniola, Achibue Kingsley and Archibong Anieffiong was rescued alive because of the prompt action of Csp Moses Adeduro who our correspondent later identified as the officer that was called upon when those static officers needed a reinforcement “Oga” in their illustration coming from those static police officers attached to that said industry that responded swiftly, sending  reinforcement which made those members of Nigeria security & Civil Defence Corp to be saved from mob Attack. 

Minimizing the unexpected obstacle and elimination of violence for protection against crime may come handy for anyone with such intention given the fact that  swift response  by security agents are cardinal, diligent and sustained through being proactive. This synergy and understanding by subordinates and officers remain key which is why the said scenario was put to a nip, avoiding calamities and that which comes with live-saving measures.

The fact that the said location is dominated with more motorcycles as a means of transport, it is by no means a multiplier effect that seems more on advantage in the realm of  alternative transport, aside from that, it is exacerbated by the spatial distribution admixture of different individuals without any form of similarities in behaviour, which can be said to be normal, but what can be said to be abnormal is when such action happened given the existing pattern it portrays, and there’s nobody to respond as it we see how being proactive comes with saving lives.

What security means is being proactive in response time, this is what CSP Mosses Adeduro was able to portray, an indication that he was truly a security strategist which explains how reincarnation has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the efforts of a scientist against this background of the foregoing that one is constrained to comment on the impact made at Kudirat Abiola way scenario that was being put under control through a rapid response that yielded desirable result.

It was through this development, mosses Adeduro comes to the picture, a chief superintendent of police with a vast understanding of rapid response. A man is as old as he thinks; indeed, this is so true when the thought of rapid response is brought to the fore.

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