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Awwal Garba AD: A major player in Global Business Sector with Investments Across Vast Terrains

 “It is not in pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit” Denis Waitley"

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Taking a cue Waitley, it is safe to say since the soul is the power and core of who one is, fulfilment is therefore the feeling of being happy and satisfied with one’s life because of interesting, useful or important things embarked upon.

Alhaji Awwal Garba is a major player in the global oil and gas sector whose sense of fulfilment is succinctly summed up in the above analogy, as his life for a long time, has been dedicated to meaningful and often times sacrificial commitments to his fatherland as well as to the lives of his countrymen.

With a particular interest in Nigeria, Alhaji  Garba has been discovering untapped resources within the oil sector upon which he has over the years, successfully built his chain of business interest, under the magma group, thereby immensely contributing to the economic growth and development of Nigeria.

With a humble mien, a  virtue instilled by his upbringing, Alhaji Garuba is a highly self-motivated person with an upbringing, Alhaji Garba is a highly self-motivated person with an unbridled and a fervent desire to change the oil and gas sector narrates in ways that will benefit indigenous players and the Nigerian youths.

His words; I was motivated into the sector by the desire to make a change, especially in the upstream sector of the industry where it is believed that only the foreigners holds-way therein.

Of course, also in that direction would be the desire to contribute one’s quota to the national economy, in terms of creating jobs, which of course would help in giving the youths a sense of worth and direction”

Early years

Born into a family of affluence, Alhaji Garba may well be said to have grown up being fed with a silver spoon. His late father, a traditional title holder Talban kano, a kingmaker, was also an astute businessman, with widespread interest in commodity trading, export and import. It may not be out of place to say that Alhaji Garba cuts out his entrepreneurial teeth under the tutelage of his father.

However, with strict and discipline parent, adherence to what is right was the only rule, and this helped in shaping his character and personality, which he himself admitted was the greatest gift he received as a child.
I thought my parent were being hard on us as children but I have come to appreciate all those moments later in life it actually made us humble, yet strong. This was the best gift I received as a child because it helped in shaping my character’

The desire to discover himself spurred him to break away from the comfort and sureties that being under the umbrella of his father provided.

 “I can say that I was born into privilege, but that did not stop me from finding my own niche. The most difficult thing was finding a balance by breaking away from my father’s umbrella in order to find myself. I call it the period of soul searching. It took time to find what makes me tick, and since then, it has become a passion to reach out to greater heights. More importantly, I have worked hard to create and maintain it.


Alhaji Garba had his early education in Kano, and spent his early years in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. A Nigerian and British trained economist of a rare kind Alhaji Garba attended the Bayero university Kano, Nigeria and the city university London, United Kingdom tucking two degrees in his kitty from these institutions.

A member of the Nigeria institute of Management (NIM) and a member of the chartered institutes of business management UK, Alhaji Garba also acquired a Masters Degree in business economics in the UK he has in practice been a major player in the oil and gas sector of a global business environment with a particular focus in Nigeria since gaining his Masters Degree.

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