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APC To FG; “Nationalise South-African Investments," As Govt Ask Citizens To Ignore Video Purportedly Showing Attack On Nigerians:Olusegun Ariyo

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The Governing All Progressive Congress (APC) in Nigeria is calling on the federal Government to ensure a complete take-over of south-Africa investments localized in its domain
The party specifically calls for the revocation of licenses of owned banks by the county in Nigeria which includes the Stanbic IBTC and Standard chartered banks
Recall that there have been fervent xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals residing in south-Africa where many immigrants are reportedly killed with involving Nigerians where the development has made many international music stars back out from there propose concerts, governments of Malawi Zambia and  backing out from the World Economic Forum (WEC) and international friendly match with  the  host  country in protest to the reaction of its citizens against foreign nationals

The party made the calls after an emergency meeting of the National Working Committee in Abuja on Thursday presided over by the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole.
Addressing journalists after the meeting, Oshiomhole said the attitude of the ruling African National Congress and that of the South African government indicated approval of the unwarranted attacks on black immigrants and wanton destruction of their property.
He said, “Having listened to all the explanations from the authorities in South Africa, these people are neither being accused of being irregular migrants nor were they involved in any illegal activities. Those who have a business permit to set up businesses, whether they are pretty traders or small manufacturers are operating within the letters of the law of the South African nation.
“Over the past one year and virtually every other week, Nigerians are being wasted in one part of South Africa or the other. We know that the Federal Government has had conversations with the South African authorities drawing their attention to these abuses but the escalation of the attacks on foreigners – many of who are Nigerians – has reached a level that is no longer tolerable.
“At some point, people wonder whether these attacks had the backing of the South African government. What has been clear over the period is that the South African authorities have not demonstrated sufficient commitment to bring these attacks to an end. For example, in spite of the fact that many peoples’ lives have been wasted, not one South African is known to have been convicted and sentenced to prison.
“South African companies are making billions of dollars from the Nigerian economy year in year out and repatriate same out of Nigeria. The MTN was recently in the stock market and some Nigerians bought  shares in the MTN  but in a moment like this and in order to send a very strong message to the South African authorities and the South African people, Nigeria government must take steps to take over the remaining shares of the MTN that are owned by South African so that the MTN become fully Nigeria owned.”
The former Edo State governor said South Africans had not reciprocated the kind gestures extended them by Nigerians in the past.
He asked them to look inward for the cause of their problems instead of attacking Africans who accounted for only two per cent of their gross domestic product.
Oshiomhole urged Nigerians to protest against the killing of their brothers and sisters and other nationals by boycotting South African businesses and goods.
“I think right away, Nigerians in our individual capacities, this is the moment to show our commitment by boycotting South African good and beginning with Nigerians refusing from today to use MTN services. If Nigeria decides at least for the next 30 days to stop using the MTN, they would have sent a clear message.
“We should reflect on why we should continue to allow the DSTV to repatriate millions of dollars to South Africa arising from their activities in Nigeria. We have reviewed all of those things that give South Africans monopoly such that they make money with very little value addition.
“To show that we mean business and in a practical step, the South African Airways, landing right in Nigeria should be stopped until these issues are sorted out.
“Many Nigerians believed that Shoprite is owned by South Africans. They are repatriating money purely from the franchise, but the capital with which these shopping malls were built were Nigeria’s. The shop owners are Nigerians. This poses an obligation on the government to review any agreement that gives South Africans the power to develop a monopoly in our commercial lives.
“We have a duty to encourage the government to do what we believe is right. Happily, the government has already taken the initiative. This resolution we have reached will be communicated to Mr President and to the Federal Government. And, it will be up to the government to decide how to respond to them.
“But, we need the government to recognise that Nigerians want a more firm action because the MTN cannot be carting away money, the DSTV carting away so much money; Shoprite making so much money from their franchise and Stanbic dealing with corporate Nigerians patronising the oil companies making fabulous billions of dollars and South Africans are wasting away from our young men and women people – who are struggling to manage small businesses.
“This is meant to give the government the support base it needs to proceed with further direct measures. And, I think on this issue, Nigerians are united across all the divides. We must protect Nigeria’s image and protect its citizens and businesses wherever they are. And, any country that attacks our businesses, an injury to one is an injury many. That must be the philosophy. Nigeria first.
“We also know that Standard Chartered Bank and Stanbic Bank, are South African banks, Nigerians may have more shares there if any. It is time to ask them to wind up so that Nigerian banks will take advantage of their departure and expand their operation. We have enough to save by transferring these businesses to Nigerians.
Meanwhile, the Federal Government on Thursday alerted the public to fake videos in circulation purportedly showing how Nigerians were being killed during the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.
The government warned the persons circulating the videos to immediately desist from such as they were inflaming passion and complicating efforts at calming frayed nerves at home.
The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, stated this during a press conference in Abuja.
According to him, despite alerting Nigerians to the danger posed by fake news and disinformation when the government inaugurated its national campaign against fake news on July 11 2019, bad elements were misinforming the public and fanning embers of violence.
He said, “I also want to use this press conference to alert Nigerians to the video clips being circulated on the social media, purportedly showing how Nigerians are being killed in South Africa. Three of such videos come to mind.
“One video shows a man who has been set ablaze trying to escape, and those circulating the video identified the man as a Nigerian. This is not true. The video shows Mozambican Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave, a victim of xenophobic violence in South Africa in 2008, and it is not that of a Nigerian being attacked in 2019.
“Another video shows those said to be Nigerians jumping down from a multi-storey building that was purportedly set on fire by xenophobic attackers in South Africa. This is fake news as the video is that of a Suraj Coaching Centre in Gujarat State, India, that was gutted by fire on May 24, 2019, leaving about 18 people dead.
“The third video, purportedly showing the bodies of Nigerians who were burnt in xenophobic attacks are the raw footage of those who were killed in a Tanzanian fuel tanker an explosion in Morogoro that left at least 60 dead on August 10 2019.
The minister also warned celebrities and opinion leaders to be circumspect by guarding their utterances on the xenophobic attacks and the reactions from Nigerians.

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