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Fictitious “Report “ On Alausa Passport Office, Leadeship Efficiency And Standard Immigration Policy

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After reading a fictitious report published in Msc Africa international Magazine, claiming there was “falsification of Documents”, and that it was what lead to scarcity of passport” and concluding “it went soar and its passport control officer Dc Kabir Matajo is in a hot soup”, with the motive of trying to pitch applicants against immigration officers after coining the word “Applicants Set To Protest” ordinarily, an avid reader shouldn’t take such report any seriously.

The story can be best described as a means of calling a dog bad name just for it to be hanged! If not, no ardent reader would take such a fictitious report seriously.

The fact that one intends to investigate a particular story of interest, with the aim of fetching out findings, shouldn’t mean it must be coined with a meaningless phrase and ridiculous caption Like; “passport controller in hot Soup” what exactly does the writer mean with that caption? or does the writer mean to say that he was going to put the passport control officer in a bowl of hot soup? Against the figments of his imagination?  

 If that was the findings  then, how come the writer failed to give  detail of  how all came about, at least some elements of disclosure through focus group discussion of some eyewitnesses, or a point-man, coming with those that have fallen victim and their reasons for being aggrieved to serve as a justification and that which naturally would arouse reactions  that would at-least aided  any journalist to come up with  a balanced report, since there is a hidden author and the power of a journalist leaves it with a choice  to disclose any information or not as guided by the 1999 constitution, which can also  be tailored in every decision-making process in either way it so decides, but indeed, that did not play out.

 Unfortunately, this can be best described as a typical Nigeria story, stunning, scam- ridden and downtrodden, a cesspool of decay simply for a selfish interest which only serves a particular purpose of the writer with the aim of maligning the image of such an organisation that is said to be having a human face, even with the limited passports  in circulation, making one wonder where the writers’ strong indication of “hoarding passport” came about!

Ikeja passport office has been in competition with its counterpart simply because of it's leadership and creative thinking in its ability to serve the public within its carrying capacity of demands and needs in passport issuance coming with standard immigration policy adopted through leadership management of the passport control officer in Alausa as against the writers claim.

One of the sustainable  idea the passport control officer (PSO) in Alausa, DCP Kabir Matajo put in place as a means of solving solution mechanism is the creation of military and Para-military Desk with the purpose of easy passport issuance through the concept of decentralization anytime its members are at the passport office to apply where-with, those that attend to them are already in the waiting for easy processing, capturing and issuance coming with how better one can operate smoothly in other for transparency, meeting every standard of global best practice in ensuring that the limited supply of the passport can meet an average demand from all strata! 

Strategically, the methodology was equally adopted to give priorities to septuagenarians and octogenarians and those in an emergency, essentially in immediate medical needs to travel aboard

Where then is the narrative of this said writer claiming “There is a link with agents and some senior operatives at the Alausa passport office” emanates from? Indeed one could sniff a stench; some dots are not just connecting, there is no cover!

For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria immigration remains our pride and a jewel in the crown; it remains a shell full of substance with full content that has been producing a golden image for every Nigerians home and abroad.

That we are discussing immigration today in a modern way is not because of  its acronym but  of its managemental ability it Personnel had projected essentially in the handling of passports processing, capturing and issuance,  and its  careful and mindful diligence in the distribution and supply to every eligible Nigerians.

 Undoubtedly, with the way the said writer portrayed operatives of Alausa passport office, that can by implication, dampen those identified standard practices, hampering effective leadership which some media houses make a mockery of through  their publication, which brings us to the fictitious report with no balanced content on “Msc Magazine ”calculated at tarnishing the image of the Deputy Comptroller of immigration, in charge of Alausa Passport office in person Dc Kabir Matajo.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s stop kidding ourselves on such unwarranted  allegation on that publication that many readers classified as pathologically wrong, hence  standard immigration practice is what is obtainable at Alausa  passport office, and that which has become a headache to those that are not ready to follow due process.

It is therefore unbelievable to falsely accuse someone under the guise of “investigation” just because one is bent on ridiculing hard-earned image of Dc Kabir Matajo, the passport control officer (PSO), instead of the writer to be thankful, therefore, that his leadership brought an efficient atmosphere that is more liberal

Ishola Olaolu is a journalist and An On-Air Personality, wrote from Lagos  

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