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Bombshell As Apc Deputy Chair Calls For Oshiomhole Resignation, Say’s He Lacks Composure

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All Progressive Congress (APC) Deputy Chairman, Mallam Lawal Shuaibu had yesterday wrote a letter to the chairman of the party, requesting him to resign his position as chairman of the party for lack of Composure
In his letter calling on Oshiomhole to resign, Shuaibu claimed that the former Edo governor lacked the composure to lead the APC.

Shuaibu said the APC under Oshiomhole had become badly fractured in virtually every constituency in the country and was fast losing the goodwill it enjoyed before Oshiomhole’s emergence.
The letter dated May 27 and delivered to Oshiomhole on May 28 was titled “APC: Its fortunes versus misfortunes, time to act.”
Shuaibu stressed that he wrote the letter in his personal capacity with very deep heart and high sense of responsibility, as a critical stakeholder in the APC project.
He said he had no choice but to write the letter after realising that the APC project “I sincerely believe in with all my heart” was failing under Oshiomhole.
The former National Secretary of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria accused Oshiomhole of running the party like his private fiefdom without recourse to party’s organs and structures.
Besides, he alleged that many decisions attributed to the NWC were personally taken by the national chairman without any formal meeting with members.
He stated, “It is expected that for every decision credited to the party, it should be the result of a meeting where resolutions are passed by the working committee.
“It is also expected that policies by the party are always all-inclusive and never one-sided and to cap it up, no unilateral decisions should be made to represent the opinion of the National Working Committee, the National Executive Committee or even the least, the National Caucus. The national chairman cannot assume the powers of the National Working Committee.
“The last congresses in states, unfortunately, represented a complete lack of knowledge, let alone of experience on how due process in the political electoral process is adhered to.
“The National Working Committee is saddled with the responsibility of recommending guidelines for every electoral process and appointing committees that will embark on conducting primary elections for every constituency and submit a report and thereafter an appeal committee will attend to complaints and petitions and also submit its report to the NWC.
“The National Working Committee is then expected to perform the duty of the final adjudicatory body on each electoral matter and from there you have the final list of candidates.
“The national chairman cannot, in any circumstances as the chairman of any committee, be it screening committee or any other committee contrary to what you did. The chairman presides over the meetings of the National Working Committee in which each matter disposed of by any appeal committee is examined and a decision reached.
“If the national chairman should chair any of these committees, what if there is a complaint about his own conduct, who do you send your petition to? He cannot be a judge in his own matter!”
Shuaibu said the electoral fortunes of the APC had dwindled because of the leadership style of Oshiomhole, whom he accused of conducting the NWC meetings at a private residence instead of the party’s national secretariat.
He added, “We had 23 states in 2015, but after the 2019 elections we lost seven states! We also had 60 senators in 2015 at the end of the elections; we now end up with 57 senators in 2019! You were not brought in to lose an election. It is absolutely unacceptable!
“What this entails is that for any senator to become a presiding officer he needs to go and kneel down before the PDP senators and beg for support! And to make things worse, you announced that the APC will not allow any PDP senator to be appointed a committee chairman except for the committees statutorily meant for the opposition members of the Senate. That is never the tradition of the legislature anywhere! The legislature is the house of collaboration and lobby and you can never succeed with a hostile approach, you must lobby to seek the cooperation of members across party divides.
“If you don’t know, you have made the situation worse than it seems. Try and use your calculator and you will find that as at now, if anybody, backed by the PDP members, wants to become the Senate President, all he needs is the support of only six APC senators to win the election on the floor of the Senate! Chairman, strategies are not announced on television, they are discussed at caucuses.”
Shuaibu pointed out that the maturity exhibited throughout the 2015 political rallies by the APC, together with the aura of the party’s presidential candidate, Mohammadu Buhari, attracted massive goodwill for the party, and the value addition to that were unquantifiable.
These, he said, were lacking in the 2019 elections under Oshiomhole.
He stated, “Under normal circumstances, when you take over as a project manager, it is expected that you bring to bear your wealth of experience to the new job which will be seen in your capacity and capabilities as value addition.
“In a political party like the APC, you are expected to also introduce a new approach to strategies through committees that will work and submit recommendations to you towards improving on the current fortunes of the party.”
Shuaibu added, “It is my honest opinion that your ability to ensure this party flourishes is deficient as you lack the necessary composure and you also don’t possess the capabilities and the requisite experience to run a political party.
“The respect the APC was commanding among its members and sympathizers have been completely eroded, while the goodwill has equally evaporated with the type of attitude of threats to members you deploy, including senior members such as governors, senators, ministers and other government officials whose functions do not fall within your jurisdiction.
“As I know, the relationship between the party and governments are cooperation and collaboration to ensure that government programmes are implemented in line with the party manifesto, but not shouting and giving marching instructions to government officials on television screens or on the pages of newspapers, and more often than not, they call your bluff and make you look helplessly unimportant in the scheme of things.”
Shuaibu clarified that he did not ask Oshiomhole to resign because he wanted to take over his job.
He said, “Please don’t get me wrong, do not think I am saying these about your conduct as the chairman because I want to be chairman. I don’t want to be the national chairman, because I cannot be, even if I want to, for as long as President Muhammadu Buhari is in office, having come from the same North-West geopolitical zone with me, I cannot.
“In advanced democracies, people who fail to add value or build over and above what they meet on assumption of duty show some civilised examples, they honourably bow out.
“In that connection, therefore, I want to advise you to take the path of honour, to step aside and allow the party to embark on the onerous task of reconstruction and rehabilitation in those states it was weakened by the effect of manner the last primary elections were conducted or even the task of recreating the party where it is on the path of extinction, arising from the loss of a sitting APC government, for example in Zamfara State, where you directly personally created the problem leading to the painful complete loss of the APC’s electoral fortunes, from up to down.
“All these are uncontestable facts. You cannot exonerate yourself from blame on what happened to the APC in Zamfara State, thereby destroying the hopes and aspirations of 534,541 APC members and supporters, including my good self!
“l have nothing personal, except that I love this party and cannot keep quiet seeing it being brutally murdered!”

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