Saturday, 15 December 2018

Why We Need Immediate Intervention in Education Sector In Kwara State-Ayorinde Adedoyin

“I visited some schools across my beloved Kwara state, my heart bled at deplorable state students of that entire environment find their selves, no teachers to take core subjects, no books, no infrastructures, we can transform a community, one child at a time by donating a book, equip a school and give schools supplies, indeed, we can’t change the past but we can build on it to create a beautiful future”

This is the submission of Mr Ayorinde Adedoyin,  Kwara state governorship hopeful under the platform of Accord party (AP) after visiting some schools in Kwara metropolis with the idea of driving the concept of transforming a community by donating a book.

The Accord Party  governorship Candidate in Kwara state  lamented the state of condition to which he found some of those schools saying the only alternative is  coming up with immediate solving solution mechanism to ameliorate the state of condition he met some of the schools visited and indeed  put a smile in their faces whilst promising to place more priority on education if elected!  

Explaining to newsmen, Ayorinde berates the government of the state for not putting education as a topmost priority even as ( UNESCO) has been clamouring that twenty per cent of every budget should go for education.

“We are totally backward in education in Kwara for the past years and as result, we have nothing to show for it”!  

He said the concept of  transforming a community and Donating a book for a child in Kwara state remains one of the immediate solutions he decides to drive now throughout the state for every  well-meaning  indigenous Kwara  in Nigeria and Diaspora  to support  by donating a book as what he saw calls for an emergency intervention

 “We are on a book drive to get textbooks to students across Kwara state, as it is sad to note that there are lots of children without books, schools without infrastructure and ultimately schools without teachers”

Adedoyin said the whole idea has become expedient in other to get as many books as possible to students in Kwara state.

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