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Less Than 24 Hours To Christmas; Mixed Reaction As Nigerians Lament Cost of Items in Markets

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Less than twenty-four hours to Christmas as the celebration is already in the air everywhere you go,  it indeed mixed reaction for others as some observers says the yuletide season it not reflecting in the usual buying and selling of items in the market as many are now witnessing the expected increase in demand from choices of items of  various interests.

 This whole development affects essentially those used during such celebration and that which has been growing gradually and could remain high into the New Year.  As the countdown continues, traffic in most major cities has become chaotic and nightmarish for a motorist, commuters and even pedestrians increasing the time spent on the road and loss of value man-hour of workers
For instance, it is not business as usual in Lagos as many inhabitants lament the cost of items coming with a mixed reaction as residents kiosk owners and fun seekers in the city is having their own fair share of the happenings. Motor Park is still not really busy with passengers.
In Agege where usually record  large dominance of interstates transports are situated, urban express news online correspondent observed that they are still not busy with passengers, same as sellers of clothes and shoes, who seen seated in wait for customers to come essentially in location that has in its status, central business districts (CBD) Areas
Alimosho inward ipaja for instance, has so many mix-uses with large concentration of shopping malls on many buildings, urban express news correspondent also observed that the situation is not witnessing anything different from the normal daily activities and this could be seen from their nearly low patronage for food and other items that one may need for the yuletides season!
Although, few customers patronized vendors of Christmas toys by the roadsides and as expected more cars were observed coming into Justrite superstore, a shopping mall with linear status along ipaja Ayobo road
A security guard of the popular Justrite super who identified himself as simply Rufus said there was no cause for alarm as more families are turning in, for the purpose of getting items for the yuletides season. He explained that although demands are limited compared to what usually is experienced in the past but said it not so bad, and that it is better than none!
“There is no cause for alarm, for alarm, before close of business today (December 24th), we should still cause for celebrations, our customers are going to start coming as some are working but are still planning things they should need for the festival and are sure about making plans to come  and make demands for it”
A foodstuff seller in Meiran Market along Abule Egba, who simply give her name as sumbo, said prices of items are better this year, but complained of low patronage. A customer, who wished to be identified as Mrs Ademola, lamented that the cost of children clothes and shoes was too high, noting: “I came to the market to get my children’s Christmas wears, but I have been parading since and all the ones I saw were on the high side. Children clothes are very expensive in the market.”
 “Sales have been fair, but compared to last year, most people that come in here price very low because they thought we are still selling at the price of last year. Things have really changed, because the cost of production is high now and we are charged more for the stands, compared to last year”

Some streets have been decorated with Christmas lights, while some musicals and jingles ushering in the Christmas as it dominates the airwaves. Banners, posters and handbills of churches, with information on their programmes during the season have been on display since the middle of the month.
 Major streets are also observed to be having youths that include males and female folks gathered on the roads, requesting every car that accesses routes with having a proximal advantage to their residence to pay in solidarity with their street carnival.
 Requesting to know the purpose, our correspondent did sort to ask one of those seen mounting roadblock along Alimosho precisely along Adefemi axes, adjoining command,  his response was that they are not forcing anyone and that  if any car feel like donating voluntarily it is in order but if it is the other way round, nobody would equally harass anyone, he added!  

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