Sunday, 4 November 2018

Outrage As El-Rufai Fields Fellow Muslim As Running Mate For Kaduna 2019 Guber Race

The aftermath reaction of the decision of Kaduna state governor, Mallam el-Rufai fielding fellow Muslim as a running mate for the 2019 governorship has made the online community of both Facebook and twitter agog as many believe there should have been a balance to all ethnic divisions within the state.

Commenting on the said developments, some of those members on their verified facebook account and that which are members of urban express news online fan page believe the decision the governor took is tantamount to fueling the unrest the state has been experiencing since these while.

Others are of the opinion leaders are meant to be sensitive to all of their followers and that it would go a long way in ensuring that every aspect that concern the people is put into consideration essentially in a circumstance of this nature where there is heterogeneous in their belief system which they say can be very sensitive and that which largely determines their peaceful coexistence and not what fuels rancour.

The Governor had announced his choice following the decision of his Deputy Governor, Bala Bantex not to join el-Rufai in the 2019 race preferring to represent the people of southern Kaduna senatorial districts and as justification for picking the executive secretary, Kaduna state primary health care agency, Dr Hadiza Abubakar Balarabe as his running mate, a decision many online communities users believe it an action that appears to have set the stage for unrest in the volatile state

Apart from how it has escalated reaction online, the Christian community in the Christian community in the state, and the predominantly Christian Southern Kaduna people have lambasted el-Rufai for the alleged misstep, saying the action may further fragment the state and promote disunity in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society, just coming out of the crisis.
Already, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the North, yesterday, said the declaration might pitch the people against one another and exacerbate the prevailing political unrest.
Spokesman of CAN in the 19 northern states, Rev Joseph Hayap, said: “We all know that a governorship candidate is at liberty to choose anyone as running mate, but that liberty does not mean the governor should not be reasonable and considerate, with regard to the sensitivity of the area he governs and the challenges of the environment where he is operating.
“What some people are saying is that he is trying to encourage women. But doesn’t Southern Kaduna have Christian women eminently qualified than the person he nominated? By doing this, he is telling us the kind of governor he will be in 2019.
“It is now left to us in Southern Kaduna to tell the world whether this is the kind of governor we want in 2019 or not. I think the decision lies in our hands. We need a governor that will unite Kaduna and not divide it.”

 “What el-Rufai has done in Kaduna State has further placed a time bomb that might constitute a continuous source of problems to the people instead of fostering unity. It is condemnable and not done in good faith,” he stated.

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