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World Habitat Day; Lagos state, Environmental Experts Discuss Issues of Waste Management BY OLUSEGUN ARIYO

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The united nation in its magnanimity has set aside every first Monday in October of every year as world habitats day to reflect on the state of our towns, cities and the basic right of all coming with adequate shelter.

The ever unrelated issues of solid waste collection and disposal that often lead to serious health challenges from uncontrolled dump sites to waste burning that encapsulates both water and air pollution.

It also put our focus on power and the responsibility to shape the future, which bring it to this year’s Theme:''Municipal solid waste management’’ with having its main global observance taking place in Kenya as same activity is also taking place in Nigeria specifically in Lagos state at Adeyemi Bero hall with a capacity field with large participants.

The event had in its schedule, exhibitions of waste management tools and free medical test for participants.

Delivering welcome address, the Lagos state commissioner for physical planning and urban development, Mr Rotimi Ogunleye said solid waste management remains a serious environmental issue that needs to be taken seriously especially as urbanization and industrialization have taken a new dimension which in turn, affect both Fiona and fauna.

He said the international observance is indeed a key ingredient that is centred on common parlance which is referred to as trash, garbage that consists of everyday items that are discarded by the public consisting of food waste, industrial waste agricultural and medical waste radioactive and sewage sludge.
‘’As these waste are generated, they are meant to avert epidemics in the communities hence their management remains key’’

‘’It is also worthy of note that it involved financial implication and as nations develop technologically, it is very important that it adopt waste to energy, disposal recycling or composting in response to their environmental challenges’’

Explaining Lagos state efforts so far, Tpl Rotimi ogunleye said the state government had disbursed a good percentage of funds on domestic waste.
‘’Lagos state has a population of over 20million, and it is estimated that the average individual in a megacity as Lagos generates an average of 0.115kg of waste daily’’.

He said what that explains is that the state requires huge funds to be earmarked for domestic waste management to provide the necessary facilities for operators engaged in the collection of disposal of domestic waste.
Eugene Itua, an environmental expert and a Discussants at the event believe there is a need for a circular economy where everybody is involved either direct or indirect.

He said one key area government must tackle is ensuring individual taking responsibility.

Government must take enlightenments very seriously, in other that we as people are able to minimize our levels of refuse generation and for it to be sustained; the government must take the lead in ensuring the many inhabitants are in the know about all.

He said government creates incentives for private participation for wider coverage.

Itua said  laws that created private participation must be expanded adding that the present law is not sufficient enough to give the needed level playing ground for sustainable private participation ’’

‘’the implementation of the clean Lagos initiative is good but the implementors did not do enough feasibility to understand the environment’’ 

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