Monday, 15 October 2018

Tin-can Port customs Disown Alleged Act of Extortion Say’s Report Unfounded

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  ‘’It is pertinent to reiterate that the reform agenda of the custom Area comptroller is very emphatic on compliance and due diligence, it is, therefore, instructive to note that the command will not lower its guard in enforcing the fiscal policies of the federal government, the public should, therefore, be aware that the allegation remains a realm of imagination which is inconceivable and outrightly fallacious, what the officer at the gate did instead was a strict measure aimed at ensuring zero revenue leakage and of course it can only come naturally for human reacting to change’’

These were the reaction of the Tin can Island customs on the wake of the allegation by an online media outfit claiming its officer posted to clarion border terminal is involved in extortion.

the statement read in part’’ our attention has been drawn to an online media outfit of 15th October 2018, alleging extortion by officers of the tin can island part posted to clarion bonded terminal.
That the publication further alleged acts of corruption by the officer in charge of its exit gate at the terminal

Continuing, the public relation officer of a tin can island customs, Uche ejiesieme said for further clarifications, the command would not lower its guards in enforcing the fiscal policies of the government  had earlier accused one of it officer in charge of exist gate specifically at the border terminal to be involved in extortion
But disowning the claim, tin can island customs public relations officer,  Uche ejiesieme said the online report might appear punitive saying it might be intended to victims or frustrate any compliant traders or facility owner.

We wish to, therefore, disabuse the minds of the general public on the purported report alleging its officer’s involvement in extortion which triggered  unnecessary and mindless protest leading to disruption of activities at the bounded terminal in question’’

''We hereby enjoin importers and their agents to ensure strict compliance with import guidelines and avoid false declaration which may necessitate action that might be viewed as high handedness''.

‘’The tin can island port remains a user-friendly port and would like to reassure importers and their agents that we are still deeply committed to our to reward compliance and transparency as the as the task of the nation-building is a shared responsibility’’ 

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