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2019 Presidential Fireworks Begins; As Gains of Restructuring And Corruption Top Debates Between APC, PDP

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The Two mainstream parties, the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the People's Democratic Party (PDP) has set the tone for the twenty nineteen(2019) presidential fireworks in the way it will shape the direction of voter’s interest during an election that is less than four month from today.

The People's Democratic Party had just finished its primary election that saw former vice president Atiku Abubakar clinching the ticket after close shave battle with his fellow contestant in Port-Harcourt venue where the convention took place.

But On the flip side, the All Progressive Congress (APC)  had its convention at the eagles square  in Abuja coming with their policy of direct primaries seeing its sole candidate in the person of president Mohammadu Buhari affirmed as their consensus candidate for the twenty Nineteen Election

The happenings that are now igniting fireworks everywhere is what both parties must be selling to Nigerians during its campaign and these were what led to what triggered their views as to which ideas and policy direction that must shape the polity and attracting the interest of the Nigerian people.

First, the presidential candidate of the people Democratic Party PDP is anchoring on the gains of restructuring this according to sources in Atiku’s camp told urban express news online that consultation is ongoing with key players in the country’s political scene in understanding how it would mould the type of restructuring it would sell to Nigerians

Many observers also believe “Atiku’s restructuring idea may sell him to Nigerians, Having someone from this magnitude that believes in it also is a win-win situation. It is only those who are angry about Nigeria that will not vote for him (Atiku). But others will because he thinks restructuring many followers has said on the fan page of urban express news online.
They went further than the current vice president Prof Yemi Osinbajo is always talking about it but the president said he is not interested. That is a problem. Let us pray that Atiku will offer Nigerians the opportunity and we will realise our long-term desire for the good of the country.”
But in reacting to all, the All Progressive Congress (APC) dismissed entirely the prospect of an Atiku presidency, saying a contest between the former vice president and Buhari is akin to choosing between light and darkness. The exalted seat of the presidency is not for sale, it declared. Acting national publicity secretary of the APC, Mr Yekini Nabena has said in a statement.
The party’s statement reads: “In assessing candidates to be voted for during elections, Nigerians will normally consider background and antecedents. The pertinent question to ask about Atiku is what his scorecard in public office was? “Regrettably, Atiku’s scorecard is abysmally low and he has proven to be an untrustworthy and unreliable character. A case in point is Atiku’s revealing altercation with his former boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo, which exposed the level of corruption Atiku was enmeshed in.
“At the international level, Atiku has been reportedly placed on the global watch list of the United States of America and has avoided travelling to the U.S., to avoid arrest and prosecution over a money-laundering and corruption case in that country. Really, is this the character and antecedent of a candidate Nigerians will be proud to vote for as our president in 2019?”
Furthermore, Broom Platform, an online group affiliated with the APC, disclosed how it would halt Atiku’s ambition. Its national coordinator, Dr Tom Ohikere, told reporters in Abuja that the APC would take the candidate to the cleaners on issues of corruption while showcasing the achievements of Buhari in the last three years.
“The APC can never be jittery or shaken by the final choice of the presidential candidate of the PDP because the choice has reduced the volume of work we are going to put into the campaign. Atiku, for example, lifted the corrupt elite class that corrupted the national political system. When the chips are down, we know where to take ourselves,” Ohikere said.

But a PDP chieftain and former acting governor of Kogi State, Clarence Olafemi, disclosed that as president, no cabal would hijack Atiku. Olafemi, who is also a member of Atiku’s presidential contact committee for the northeast, described the candidate as an independent person, who would work for the interest of the country, irrespective of religious or ethnic considerations. “We must create a Nigeria where people can work and do business in any part. Atiku Abubakar is the man who can do it because he is a detribalized man,” he said.

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