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How “Sanusi I-Care Initiative” Has Becomes The Norm, Providing Medical Solution To Olorunda Inhabitants

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The  Sanusi I-care foundation  has been on the ground in Olorunda Local Government   in Osun state specifically in  ensuring that every surgical and medical need of  her People  are given every attention  it  needs in terms of their health  challenges that have been a herculean task to access,  where before now, all they had in terms of medical provisions  according to them is nothing to  discuss about, but through the intervention of Sanusi I care initiative, that  has since been  Matching its word with action, bridging that gap  between lack and solution  to the delight of the people,  and  as justification, gaining much ground  because of  the levels of  successes it has attained  affecting many lives, avoiding unnecessary deaths, resuscitating every form of ailments resulting to what the people  now described as unprecedented initiative coming from an aspiring  legislator who even before now, saw the importance of ensuring safer  lives and  fuller environment for its constituents, write Olusegun Ariyo

For some inhabitants in Olorunda local government in Osun state, the importance of representation must come with integrity for every political office holders aspiring and that when falsehood becomes the case, the constituents suffer, and pathetically,  for every of  their right that usually comes through constituency intervention becomes an empty  barrel that can only sound loud  through media platforms but nothing to show for it.

This indeed can be said to be a true reflection of many Nigerians as against their legislators coming with the raging controversy of constituency allowance. Its either you discover that some legislators had collected a large sum of money on behalf of their constituents and no execution of any projects sited in their communities or that they pretend that nothing of such is given to them and that some of what was done, was actualized through their singular efforts.
This issue has had many constituents never to trust some of those that are aspiring to become one as a result of their always wanting to be economical with the truth.

The National Assembly, for instance, is yet to come to terms with these realities as some of the issues they are contending with essentially with the administration of president Mohammadu Buhari’s regime is indeed shrouded in the Word “Appropriation, Act”. That gives legislators  powers to approve, remove, Add or reduce budget value, and  that which is swimming in many controversies from both the public and the executive arm, essentially in determining what should be a legitimate interpretation of  the “Appropriation Act”  

 Until recently, the House of Representatives suspended one of its own over this said issue behind budget padding. This development has also gone roughly between the leadership of the National Assembly and the executive, part of what made president mohammadu Buhari to reluctantly sign the 2018 budget.
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In signing the budget, the president in his speech said “this budget had in it, many projects that government may never have money to fund, “there are projects that we never imputed, but found its way in the budget and this may be difficult  for us to implement”

 Having said that, many observers  believe  that there is nothing like constituency project but such opportunities are used as conduit pipe to syphon huge fund available for legislators with the provision of constituency allowances which has no legislative backing nor binding  them with their constituents  to implement and that  which  has been allowed to be  enmeshed in controversy  considering those to trust that can  actually represent their interest and bring to their constituents projects and initiatives that can affects lives in the way Sanusi I-care initiative is doing at Olorunda local government in Osun state for the inhabitants to see even at aspiration levels.

In projecting powerful impression, an aspirant, Dr Samuel Sanusi came up with an excellent idea called “Sanusi I-care initiative” that is billed to cater for the health challenges of the people in Olorunda local government.

The idea according to him, has been widely believed to have served many health challenges the people are facing. Part of what the initiative has been achieving is providing succour to Eye defects of many of Olorunda inhabitants with challenges ranging from glaucoma, cataracts and other health issues.

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Dr Sanusi said Doctors without borders were brought from Diaspora in ensuring that the major health challenges of the peoples of Olorunda are brought to a barest minimum.  
One of the beneficiaries Mr Gbenga Ololade who spoke to urban express news online said this development is unprecedented. Saying it’s the first of its kind in Olorunda and Osun state.

Continuing, Ololade  said Ever since the return of democracy in 1999, we have had several legislators from this constituency called (Olorunda) but never did we have an opportunity of these kinds”,” all you hear from them is there is no money and one wonder what they are they using our constituency projects money for. “This man that brought this health intervention, had not been a candidate yet, but you can as well see the miracle he had been performing, someone that is still aspiring? He asked!.

An octogenarian that went through successfully eye operation, and  simply  want to be described  as “ Mama moturayo said it’s  high time that constituency projects are given a legal ingredients in other for it to become an “Act”  ‘once this mechanism is put in place, it will ensure that all the constituency  budget provisions are implemented in every constituency mandatorily .

 She said the initiator of Sanusi I-care, an initiation to which she was a beneficiary remains very golden and should be given a chance to actualize his dream of becoming their legislator representing them through the All Progressive Congress (APC) platform. “Dr Samuel Sanusi has proven to us that he will not be like his predecessors and we have seen it in reality even before getting the ticket”, she added!

The initiator and an aspiring legislator that intend to represent the good people of  Olorunda constituency, a soft-ware Development expert, Dr Samuel Sanusi said his aspiration has the input of God in it. Saying he hopes to give more if the constituents are able to vote him in primaries under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) and subsequently elected him to represent them at the Osun state house of assembly.

“I am happy to hear that my people are indeed happy about what was brought to them. It was just an idea that we nurtured and decided to transform it into reality and that which has been yielding results even before becoming a candidate”

''I am just passionate about helping people and doing that for my people is more golden to me and it is worth thanking God For, in the way we are receiving outcomes of positive feedback, he said! Promising that if elected, he has more than enough agenda transforming policies that will change the face of representation that will remain evergreen that will outlive his tenure”.

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