Thursday, 16 August 2018

Isoso community in Turmoil As Land Grabber invade community with over 200 Armed Thugs

A community along GRA quarters in Sagamu Ogun state is now in turmoil as dwellers in its vicinities was disrupted by hoodlums known as land grabbers, who stormed the area as residents fled their homes.

This is as ogun state governor; senator ibikunle Amosun had signed a bill into law which prescribes 25 years imprisonment or death sentence for anyone found guilty of land grabbing.

The Governor is said to have signed the bill 34 days after the state House of Assembly passed it.

 The law criminalizes land grabbing or forceful takeover of landed property in the state.

The bill was passed on October 11, 2016. It is titled, “H.B. No. 03/2016 – A bill for a law to prohibit forcible entry and occupation of landed properties, violent and fraudulent conducts in relation to landed properties, armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism and allied matters and for other matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.”

According to the law, death sentence applies when a life is or lives are lost in such a forceful takeover of land. Kidnappers also risk a life sentence.

However, at the peaceful neighborhood of Isoso community, GRA Quarters, Sagamu, Ogun state; land grabbers have been drizzling terror on the dwellers of Sagamu and its vicinities; the community was disrupted some days ago by hoodlums, who stormed the area as a thousand residents fled their homes.

The hooligans, who the residents described as land grabbers, known as ‘Omoniles,’ were said to have vandalized property worth millions of Naira.
The leader of the hoodlums, who is said to always using Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) to perpetrate his forbidding land grabbing activities, was boasting he is above the law and no government can halt his actions.

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Urban express news online gathered that sometimes ago, two families had dispute over three hectares of land, and both headed to court, and after all said and done, both families secured same Supreme Court judgment ceding the three hectares property for the two families that both must be in consent in the event any of them decides to sell out of the property.

our correspondent  learnt that these same hoodlums led 200 bandits armed with sophisticated firearms, offensive weapons, and began malicious destruction/ demolition of houses and industries property, terrorizing the whole community whose properties does not any way in the jurisdiction of the three hectares of land belonging to the said families.

 Urban express news correspondent who visited the community gathered that land grabbers were full in operation with dangerous weapons, ready for war and already creating panic in the community as people of Isoso GRA Quarters were forced to have sleepless nights with horrified experience.
 Efforts to get more details and move around were prevented by these mobsters as our correspondent was seriously threatened.

Eyewitness said presently, these lawbreakers are currently waylaying people in the community, raiding houses in the neighborhood, using the opportunity to perpetrate different kind of criminal activities. Shops and Offices closed down and no business activity because of the heavy presence of land grabbers exhibiting their malevolent movements in the community.

The elders of Isoso community in GRA Quarters, Sagamu, Ogun state have cried out to Ogun state Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Police IG and Security agencies to come to their rescue and deliver them from this broad day light horror. Also, a different petition has been written to Governor’s office and Inspector General of Police over the dreadful activities of these notorious land grabbers in Ogun state and its environs.

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