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Inhabitants Recount Lost In Ogun Flood Disaster, As NITP Makes Case For Provision of Landscaping,GreenZone For Water To Percolate By OLUSEGUN ARIYO

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One area that concerns inhabitants is where they live and dwell. This can be said to be a key ingredients to human lives if it must  has something to do with their place of aboard. When this becomes a question either through human induced disaster or natural phenomenon, it becomes more telling on both the inhabitants and its habitats. Whatever it is the case, some cities in ogun state  has fallen to flood disaster as a result of heavy down pour  that is said to have ravaged many families leading to them losing relatives and properties as a result of a three days non-stop rainfall in the state.

 Many inhabitants were caught unaware penultimate Friday when all-of a sudden, heavy down pour begins inside ogun state metropolis for over three hours. The reaction  to this development is said to be the high level rise of water resulting into flood plain where no fewer than eleven people is said to have lost their lives while properties destroyed in the wake of the torrent rainfall.
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Urban express news online gathered that the rain started at about 4;pm extending to about four hours after penetrating many households, and succeeding  in damaging many of their belongings, specifically shop outlets  were submerged with heavy  floods  rise above normal level, over powering developments with causing more havoc. Areas affected is mostly includes kuto, lafenwa, oke-lantoro and ilawo among other locations. A particular landmark within ijaiye Abeokuta, construction site proposed for mosque was completely destroyed. Urban express news also gathered that vehicles were also not spared as the flood is said to have swept about eight of them away.
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Urban express news online reporter also  visits some of  the scene after the flood is seen to have reduced in heights, it was discovered that some of the families were still searching for their family members. This development is said to have also affected places of worships at various locations. 

It was also observed that the people in the affected locations are thrown into where even there is down pour. Victim’s counts losses some of the relatives who spoke with urban express news online, said they have searched all river banks and morgues in Abeokuta environment but could not see their missing relatives. A distance cousin to one of the deceased, Hakeem Ibrahim told urban express news that they were only able to recover the body of one year old  child of their sister. Continuing, Ibrahim said they have not seen the corpse of his cousin after searching the entire city

“what I know is that I went to work, but when I came back I saw a lot of people in front of my cousin sister’s house. “I was told flood swept away her container with all her belongings. “I also learned that she and her daughter were swept away by the flood”. 

But in provding alterative solution in other that future occurrence is mitigatated ,the National Public Relation  Secretary of  the Nigeria institute of Town Planning (NITP) Tpl Ashiru Olugbenga  told urban express news online in a telephone conversation that there is the need for proper land use planning and continuous re-evaluation of all drainage networks across  Ogun metropolis.

  “There is no way things of this nature would not occur but the degree of mitigation should always be government priority”  “yes, there are  manmade and natural disaster, but in the event planning measures are not put in place the degree of calamity may be far better in tems of mitigation. He said part of what he meant by re-evaluation is that major drainages are blocked by sand and the question about maintenances that is not place as priority by the government is not good for our inhabitants. 

 "Those sand blocking those drainages, not allowing the sewerage to flow, and the issue of how many liters of Rain water is generated is also abound. “In the way we are, there are no way water wont overflows it bound since there is no determinant factor in knowing the contents of what those channels can take as justification for expansion in other that we achieve mitigation ”.

 Suggesting that  government should endeavour to also make provisions for landscaping for every land use in other to allow water to percolate, "adding that provisions for buffer-zone should also be a top priority from giving room for water to also have access finding its way to such location and percolate. “As we speak now, there are many developments that people had built on drainage network and we have served them notice since 2015, and nothing has changed".  Saying part of the reason we experience flood also can be human induced nature in the way they care for their environments urging the government to put more efforts in stemming the tide and arresting defaulters

Meanwhile, the state government has commiserates with families and victims of the affected environment. In a statement the commissioner of environment, Mr. Bolaji Oyeleye while leading the leading the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, and the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, on assessment of areas affected, said data gathered from the assessment would be used to provide relief for those affected. Oyeleye, who described the incident as flash flood, said the present administration’s urban renewal programme and road infrastructure in the state capital helped to mitigate the effect of the flood, adding that most of the damaged properties were built along river channels. He said the government would immediately begin enforcement of the required setbacks along the river channels, adding that channelization of river courses would also be improved upon to forestall recurrence of the flood building of houses and dumping of refuse, particularly along waterways and drainages. 

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