Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How Couple Encourage Their Son, Girlfriend To Steal in Ajah, Now Cooling Off In Police Custody

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The reason we train our children most significantly is for us avoiding them not to fall into a dilemma, succeeding in denting family names and images in the way many observers believe. 

But then, how pathetic would it now be when both parent and son couple with a Lady Claiming to the girlfriend of a particular suspect that is said to have conspired and steal? What kind of prayer should one pray to avert this kind of melodrama in a situation like this other than the practicability’s in the lessons of life coming with reasoning ability of thought that explains the impact of learning, with how to query every step we intend to take before soiling our hands in situations like this? Then leave prayer out of it at least for once, other than doing the needful of life.

Whatever it is the case, the sad reality remains how Folashade Odunuga with a residence located at onitiri in harmony estate Ajah encountered her own harrowing experience after embarking on a month vacation. Little did she know that her apartment would be broken into and her entire property including her car would be stolen by eighteen years old Tegga Teddy in connivance with his parent and girlfriend called Karima Edom who indeed was said to have allegedly given all the information to his boyfriend in the fact that the victim, Folashade odunuga happened to be a close neighbor.

Narrating how it all happened, the police spokesman, CSP chike Oti told urban express news online that the stealing had been going on for weeks until the victim house help one eniola Abisola visited her mistress home to discover that a lot of items were missing where she could not comprehend what had gone wrong in the way bogglers was able to penetrate the apartment as all doors to the house remained closed.

Oti said this was how she immediately embraces a decision of alerting the divisional police officer in charge of Langbasa division that falls within the location where the incidence occurred.

“The Divisional police officer, Sp Adaobi Okafor mobilized her detectives to check on all in the neighborhood whose names are in the station watch list” in doing that, the suspect, Tegga, was part of those in its watch list, surprisingly part of the item declared missing specifically a Chevrolet Aveo Saloon car with registration AKD-512-AP was found stationed in front of Tegga’s parents house with location at new Osho layout in Langbasa and was promptly arrested”.

Oti said during interrogation he revealed that he entered the victim’s house through the ceiling and gradually, he began with the picking of those items to his father’s house “confessing that his mother actually helped him to hide those stolen items in an uncompleted building while his girlfriend Karima hid some in her house”
Prodding Further, Oti said the suspect “Tegga”  revealed that his father went with him to the victim's house to tow the aforementioned car, adding that detectives findings show also Mrs Margret Teddy had already put the car on sale with the use of “For Sale” inscription on the said car.

Exhibits discovered from the suspects include Chevrolet saloon car, flat screen TV,  LG Home theatre sound system, electronic generator, one standing fan, 5leather bags, an IPAD, baby shoes and other personal items.

“The commissioner of police imohimi Edgal Charges Lagos residents to take their personal security seriously by ensuring that their houses are entrusted in the hands of trusted relations, friends or aides whenever they travel”, admonishing them  to go back to the old ways of visiting  their neighbors  checking on them essentially adding that if that was the case in this instance, Teddy and his girlfriend Karima wouldn’t  have the effrontery  to cook eat and in Folashade odunuga’s house during her long stay on vacation 

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