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Ifako Ijaye Local Government: Aiming Beyond The Skies

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The administration of Apostle Oloruntoba Oke in the Ifako Ijaye Local Government has garnered every goodwill necessary to drive dreams to reality and the Chairman has continued to prove equal to the task of bequeathing an enduring legacy. URBAN EXPRESS’ AFOLABI GAMBARI andOLUSEGUN ARIYO, in this report, present what makes the local government unique in many ways

It is always a hive of activity every day at the headquarters of Ifako Ijaye Local Government Headquarters. Any visitor to the office would not be lost on the fact that the personnel from bottom to the top aim at only one thing: excellence.

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“It has been like this and we are all pleased with it,” the Hon. Chairman, Apostle Oloruntoba Oke, said as he settled down at his desk.
“As a matter of fact, we know only when we resume work at 8 o clock in the morning but we don’t know when we close. Indeed, our work ethic has driven us to aim at only maximum success and our work is not complete until we are satisfied with what we set out to achieve every day.”Image may contain: outdoor
A day leaves every visitor to the council headquarters literally exhausted with pleasant feeling as to how duties are carried out with utmost dispatch. From department meetings through stakeholders meeting to security review and interaction with every segment of the community, nothing is left to chance.
“Dedication and commitment are our credos and every staff of the local government has imbibed the culture to effect. This has really helped us achieve success and I think everyone has been carried along on this path,” Apostle Oke also said with a sense of pride.
In the face of dwindling revenue due to economic realities, how does the Ifako Ijaye make ends meet, as it were?
Apostle Oke said the policy of fiscal discipline adopted by his administration has stood the council in good stead.
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“We evaluated everything upon our ascension in the local government and we were able to ascertain the areas of need with a view to meeting the aspirations of the people. In the end, we arrived at cutting our coat according to our size, as it were. This has worked wonders for us at Ifako Ijaye and to the glory of God, we have not failed on the delivery of our promises to the people, especially in the provision of infrastructure,” he said.
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“So, we have combined the allocation from the Lagos State government and internally generated revenue to maximum effect and I think the joy is that the people of Ifako Ijaye Local Government do appreciate our efforts at lifting their wellbeing.”
Infrastructure development occupies a pride of place in the Oke Administration. The reactivation of street lights from Haruna Street to Oladire Obawole axis stands out among the lot. So is the reconstruction of Computer Building roof at Bishop Oluwole School in Ifako, as well as the construction of Rufus Adebayo Street, off Akinte Street in Ifako, nearing completion. There is also the grading of Chief Nwafor Street/Bello Street, Obawole to ease movement of the people as the rains set in.

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Drainages in the area have also been built and rehabilitated; a development that Apostle Oke explained has forestalled flooding that accompanied the rains prior to the advent of his administration.
“The effects of flooding on the area with regard to businesses and other activities cannot be over-emphasised. I am delighted that our administration has done so well in putting the flooding in check to the best of our ability, thanks to the quality engineering work on the drainages,” the chairman said.
A petty trader on Bello Street, Alhaja Taibat Adedara, expressed delight at the Apostle Oke’s administration, saying the residents have enjoyed infrastructural bliss. “We were filled with expectations in the beginning though we were also aware that funding might be inadequate for Apostle Oke and his team to carry out the job delivery. But I am so impressed with how the administration has managed the funds at its disposal,” Alhaja Adedara enthused.

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Akeem Olatunde, who resides on Rufus Adebayo Street, said the Oke administration has broken new grounds on youth engagement in governance.
“This administration has given the youth a huge sense of belonging and personally it has offered me and my mate's ample opportunity to participate in matters that concern our welfare. Besides, the Chairman is always accessible and is open to ideas on how to improve on the development of Ifako Ijaye Local Government. I think we the youth have been the better for it generally,” Olatunde, who studies Business Administration at the University of Lagos, said.
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Apostle Oke told URBAN EXPRESS that his administration is determined to leave a mark that subsequent administrations would work hard to surpass.
“We will not deviate from our policy of fiscal discipline because we have seen the huge difference brought about by the policy,” the chairman remarked with excitement.

“We are still not where we ought to be in terms of our set objectives, although we feel we have achieved admirable results and are really encouraged to do more to take us to where we are going,” he concluded.

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