Monday, 16 April 2018

Judging From My Past Experiences, Its Only A Thieve Can Become Nigeria’s President-Balarabe Musa

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“You can hardly find individual that can legitimately raise that kind of money required for presidential campaign in this country where as implication, brings socio-economic woes in effect, to the extent of collapsing every activities in the system”, “if  I must add, 99percent of people in corridors of power  are equally thieves”

This was the submission of former Kaduna state governor in the second republic Malam Balarabe Musa.

The second republic governor made this disclosure in a video circulating on facebook platform.

Contiuning, Musa said nobody can become the president of Nigeria without first being a thieve or supported by thieves

He blamed the socio-economic woes of the country on the political structure, where, according to him, 99 per cent of the people in the corridors of power were thieves.
The 81-year-old politician said  older generation of leaders had failed the country.
 Musa said the problem of underdevelopment in the country was blamable on the wrong socio-political system.
He said, “What is the quality of Nigeria’s leadership? The quality of the Nigerian leadership is a thief. Since the end of the Second Republic, how has it been possible in Nigeria to have a political leadership which is not made up of thieves? Of course, there are exceptions… I’m not saying that 100 per cent of the leadership in Nigeria is made up thieves, no, there are exceptions, but I doubt if there are up to one per cent who is clean…99 per cent are thieves.
“For example, how can you win on the basis of the Nigerian laws and the Nigerian culture; how can you be a Nigerian President without being a thief first?  Because it is through stealing that you can make it. Both the political parties and election in Nigeria are based on money power and this money power is equal to corruption. So, this is what you have.
“We have a socio-economic and political system controlling all developments in the country and the political leadership produced by that system both of which are made up of people who regard self-interest first, public interest second, as opposed to public interest first and self-interest second. Now, how can you have order; how can you have development in a situation like this?
“I gave you the example of the President; nobody can be a President of Nigeria unless he is a thief or supported by thieves. I mean, the fact is clear. You know, the reasonable estimate of the cost of campaigning for presidency in Nigeria is billions. How can you acquire these billions?”

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