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To The Rescue! Why Drones in Police Work Are the Future of Crime Fighting

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In this report, Olusegun Ariyo write on how  Drone Surveillance initiative was adopted in a  Traffic conflict point and congestion along Badagry Express-way gridlock specifically within  Ojo Axes and how the Drone  was able to ease-out traffic-jam  that has taken more than four hours with stand-still of vehicular movements from  origin as against  those heading to  Their destination in a dual carriage lane where no hope of coming out from the quagmire is at sight.  This development is said to have started eliciting much reaction that is sounding loud in the hearts of the many individuals that found their selves in the unfortunate scenario until deployment of help emergency by a Divisional Police officer to identify those conflict point in putting the traffic challenge at bay.  Using the tracking service of the Drone as solving mechanism to a solution that  has cringed into  stand-alone indeed came to the rescue, that  eventually saw  how  batches of traffic officers were marching towards the said  area of concern and then, the miracle happened, the impossible became Possible

The idea behind surveillance and tracking of traffic congestion leading to the outbreak of many activities on our environment can truly be more of a huge task if there is no solution in sight.

 To many, the conventional method that we use in operation in the reordering of traffic jam whenever it occurs has become Part and parcel of the societal norms that majority of Nigerians do not reason beyond.

 Technological innovation is thriving in all spheres of our lives and the many challenges we face essentially when we are hooked in a traffic bottleneck is better experienced than telling. In Lagos for instance, there is hardly any route one goes that there won’t be traffic bottleneck essentially during the peak period.

Although reports that reveal its justification as having an influx of population and high extents of emigration and migration to the state of aquatic splendor knows as Lagos state cannot be wrong, this is simply because there are many pushes and pool factors that is considered to be the real reason behind all said.

 Population in Lagos can be said to be concentrated more in suburb areas and considering peak and off-peak period, traffic bottleneck cannot be avoided more in the fact that majority of the population would have closed for the day after busy business activities. In Badagry expressway, it’s the same development that every individual plying the route would certainly experience.

The long length of  Lagos Badagry road has since been under construction for some time now, that alone is compounding to the already existing traffic challenges that other major routes that are of the same stretch are facing at present, added to its present state of repair. The conflict point in Ojo essentially where there exist shoulder road with many intersections are not left out.

The unexpected happened yesterday with long length of traffic jam along Ojo stretch of the Badagry expressway, it was standing still situation with no solution in sight, many vehicle operators had lost hope, mixed feeling  had become the other of the day, the many appointments that some are targeting to meet with, is gradually turning into mirage. The traffic police officers are seen helpless, a tragic situation that equally saw this writer wallowing into the unknown as to where the solution may turn in from. Many people are already concluding in their projection of how many hours would they still be in the chaotic situation, those traffic men seen standing scantily are in a way left with nothing to add in solving the situation.

 The emergency situation was much tensed with no helper until we saw Drone roving round the traffic conflict point.
 Wondering where the development is coming from, one of the traffic officers then confided in urban express news-online that the Divisional Police officer in Ojo has a new technological innovation called Drone surveillance device that he uses to ascertain area of bottle-neck and before we knew it, the miracle happened and the impossible became possible.  Saw some of the traffic officers that were helpless initially, moving toward a particular scene, articulating and reordering of those vehicular movements that were initially at a stand-still, and gradually it movement become very smart and the traffic bottleneck gradually fades away.

 Putting my journalist instinct to play, decided to  meet with the Divisional Police Officer to have an insight as to how the Drone deployed was able to bring far-reaching solution without him coming to the location, Abubakar Abdulkareem,the head of Police Division in Ojo local Government and Chief Superintendent of Police (Csp)  said all he did was to identify areas of conflict points through Drone device network  from his office and direct his  traffic officers straight to the spot and provide once and for all  solution  that  eventually eased out the many hours of standalone traffic that many of us encountered.

Continuing, Abubakar said he uses the Drone also for security surveillance essentially for flashpoint areas. “Once we get a report of any impending danger, “I deploy Drone network there, “it assists in giving detail analysis of the situation of things, how to plan, where is the location and evaluation of the situation at hand’’. “Drones in police work are the future of crime fighting because the device has the abilities to do more of surveillance analysis independently”

. Abubakar told Urban express-news online that it surveillance support mission is second to none essentially in kidnapping cases, search and rescue operation, drug interdiction and fugitive investigations. “Ask if the commissioner of police is aware of this new Technological device, he said his boss is in the know and in particular, how it has been helping the division since his inception and that the whole idea is what he conceptualized and utilize after much research he ventured into about the device.

 According to him, after acquiring knowledge of the device's capability through research and findings, he applied it within his jurisdiction when he became the Divisional police officer in Ojo Local Government in Lagos and has since been efficient for security sustenance and traffic management.

The Future of Police Surveillance Drones
“Within the next five Years, I believe we’re to see saturation of Drones utilization within the context of the police community “the Drone revolution is just getting started and I’m leading with the use of my findings of each of its potentials”. Even the bad guys among us will know now that there is something in the air that might be watching them” very good step, if you ask me, the concept of  community policing initiated by the inspector general of police, Ibrahim Idris”, “ it is also huge for the future in its impact essentially in aerial surveillance and law enforcement when the time fully arrives” recently there was fracas that brewed in Lagos state university leading to break down of law and order during their matriculation event and the drone was deployed, after sighting it, those perpetuating  nuisance there became uncomfortable, as there is no more hiding place for them and before we could turn our face back,  calm returned everywhere”. “Those perpetuating it knew what the drone is capable of doing, “one of which is capturing every activity and showing every of their action and inaction including their faces.” “The National Union of road union  (NURTW)too, along iyana-Iba road, had their own infighting, causing lawlessness, thereby making every pedestrian running halter-skelter within our security jurisdiction, the drone was equally deployed and there was excellent result, same in Alaba Rago, it also played off”, the Ojo Divisional Police officer, CSP Abubakar added

Hostage Negotiation
The Concept in terms of hostage can be adopted since it going to fly into space and scan from far so, if one is dealing with hostage situation, one can see exactly into any suspected building without risking lives’’
Bomb Investigation

“The same Drone that provides situational awareness during a hostage crisis could do so in the event of a bomb primarily to access potential explosives device and avoid exposing police Bomb squad personnel to possible hazard”

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