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Tin-can Island Custom Present 2017 Revenue Generation Activities in Retrospect

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The Nigeria custom, Tin can command has made good its projections and expectation in its revenue generation drive,coming with other port activity management in retrospects.The tincan customs command has given its abilities coming with more force in the past year activities of (2017) in retrospect with (2018) expectation with making sufficient use of its extents guide-lines, implementation of federal government fiscal policies involving internal port security and ensuring sustainable clearance of the nation’s gateway to the economy.

That notwithstanding, the command was also able to make clear distinctions in its targets for the year through its drive for revenue generation. in a statement  made available to urban Express-News Online, the public relation officer of Tin-can island command of Nigeria customs Uche ejesieme said the whole development was not as smooth as one expect, coming with some surmountable obstacles, even though they were able to handle them professionally coming with yielding positive results.

‘’During the period, there was several documented infractions that was noticed in the cause of cargo profiling which calls for re-evaluation of documents, leading to the commands advantage of accruing more revenue for the government that might have lead to losing more revenue  if not for  the highly skilled officers and men that are dedicated making realisable results’’
As a justification to all said, the command’s  public relation officer said it was what eventually led to more recovery of revenue that the command would have lost instead!
Continuing, ejesieme  said the command had the target of three hundred and ten million, two hundred and forty-seven million, three hundred and forty-six thousand, nine hundred and ninety naira, eight-five kobo(N310,247,346,990.85) coming with a total collection of  of two hundred and eight-seven billion, six hundred and thirty-two million, nine hundred and twelve thousand, six hundred and sixty seven naira forty nine kobo (N287,632,912,667,49), a different of twenty-two billion, six hundred and fourteen million, four hundred and thirty-four thousand, three hundred naira, thirty six kobo( N22,614,434,323.36)  superseeds its projection in the year 2017 in retrospect with about 92.71%.

Ejesieme said the command has made some spectacular seizure through re-positioning of the command initiated by its custom area comptroller. He said the reform sweep through every sector of the entire administrative and operational value chain coming with remarkable results. ‘’Part of the strategy put in place is  ensuring due diligence, professionalism that leads to efficiency in documentation and good outcome of cargo examination’’. ‘’it was indeed what led to the command recovering a total  of 2010 (Two Thousand and Ten) pump action rifles during that period in retrospect, attracting members of custom managements which includes its Comptroller General, Col. Hameed Ali’’.

Ejieseme said a total of five officers that is said to stand their ground in the eye of temptations and demonstrated uncommon diligence through the detection of those fire Arms seizure in the command were rewarded with a special promotion to their next rank. Those that were rewarded include S.Chiroma, E Amaku, T Awua, B. Babagana and M. Lawal.

On the issue of projects, The customs public relation officer, Uche Ejieseme said the command embarked upon capacity building, having understood its critical importance in the 21st century custom operations, he said the custom area comptroller also engage in construction of an ICT Training  center with capacity of work-stations, fully connected to serve the training needs of officers and men of the command and other critical stakeholders that may stands in need, adding that the training facilities have been used to train many officers so far. ‘’Other physical infrastructure constructed includes the state of art medical clinics with unbeatable amenities provided to take care of its officers’’.

The command spokesman also said there were robust engagements of stakeholders in the activities of the command in retrospect. He said the year 2017 in retrospect has strengthened its relationship with other key agencies of government both within and outside. ‘’We have been able to achieve a robust relationship with world custom organisation (WCO)’’ ‘’part of which gave us more insights on stake-holders engagements, on demonstrated and domesticated abilities through consignment regulation that helps shape appropriate agencies with ensuring due diligence’’. Ejieseme said Tin can command have successfully handed over (10) 40ft containers of both substandard fake pharmaceuticals to NAFDAC and NDLEA Respectively during 2017 custom activities in retrospect.


‘’Our operational template is projected in such a way to align with the changing ideology of the Comptroller-General and his Management, as we don’t envisage to lose grounds but rather consolidate on the achievements already recorded in 2015 to 2017 with more positive expectation in 2018’’.

‘’The command will seek to create proactive measures leveraging on our comparative advantage in the application of ICT for best practices.''  ''The command is optimistic that the recent deployment of NCIS II platform, will further enhance our capacity in the area of Revenue Collection, and in ensuring extracting the commitment of officers/men, promoting transparency, integrity and professionalism’’.

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