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The Burden of Fictitious Petitions and IGP’s Leadership Distinctions

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‘’The work of a man who led by action and example, remains a man that we should describe amongst us as one of the few genuine heroes we have’’. Kirkus
Three days back, I came across this report on Page 6, Of the Nation Newspaper, muzzling up facts with fictitious petition to paint a terrible scenario in narrative where the petitioner allegedly Request President Muhammadu Buhari’s intervention to look into Poor handling of a case where it was alleged that  the then  officer handling a case of fraud involving one  Ugochukwu Albert  who was allegedly swindled  1$million and having his case file  and its officer in charge  transferred according to the petitioner,  because of his  refusal to collect bribe, and that it’s on that  basis, it resorted to this understanding that it was indeed the reason the said officer was removed. How pathetic! The trend to which some Nigerians go in the way they write petition is unbecoming, making it look more like a burden that needs leadership distinction in the way the inspector general of police, Ibrahim Idris handles it.

 Muzzling up facts mixed with  perception-writing calpable of derailing the public, where they expect the police authority in charge of investigation to do their bidding without any form of investigation of  what was  earlier written in petition and then, where the whole development comes out not favoring them, they resorted into another fictitious round of petition, this time in different dimension coming  with cruel-some attempt  to paint another scenario and leave those in charge to circumstances that tends to make the Police look insubordinate with their duties, projecting this understanding that the police authority do not know it constitutional responsibilities and unfortunately Put larger chunk of the blame on the table of the inspector general of police, Ibrahim idris

 I say these because what Ugochukwu said is far unthinkable to have alleged that it was as result of  what  the then Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of  force intelligent  unit was allegedly  offered as bribe to which it was turned down is basically  the reason the inspector general of police sent in signal and hurriedly transferred the said officer in charge of the case can be ridiculous, unfounded and unbecoming of some of those who are masters in telling different tails of narratives just because  it wanted the police to do it biddings and jettison the rule of law.

There is no way truth can see the light of the day if we continue in such manner because the IGP’s leadership distinction would prevail over all. For those of us who know the Present inspector general of police’’ Ibrahim Idris’’ know that indeed, President Buhari has made one of the golden choices amongst the senior cadre of the force at that time of his appointment ,and every attempt to bring him down would certainly fall on the deaf ears of the president. if not, how can we not allow the police to do it job? Other than using factitious petitions at casting aspersion on someone who’s ability it is to lead by action coming with example, with having described among his peers in the force as one genuine hero that we have, and not allowing him bring every experiences garnered internationally to bear in his home country as head of it police?  Again, What the petitioner allegedly said in his narrative, that the then Deputy commissioner of police in charge of force intelligent should be brought back where he urge the President to use his good office and ensure he is returned back to his initial duty post can be sawer in the throat. Did he ever care to know what  exactly is the developments that necessitated the decision of transferring the said officer to his present posting?, unfortunately, he never boardered  to know that part of the activities of the job is posting from one origin to destination within the Nigeria’s geographical entity which undoubtedly falls under the purview of the inspector general of police where as supervisory officer, knows when and best reasons every officers and men of the force is transferred, and not in the way ugochukwu perceived it to be .

for instance, there was the story of unwarranted search of Dahiru Mangal’s house that was linked to these said ‘’ Deputy commissioner of police’’ in question, where in every action taken in that development was levelled against the name of inspector general who was mentioned to be the person that allegedly instructed the team to search without any approval, a home of Nigerian? Not even search warrant from any competent court? Wanting to do things without due process of the court and all they want is to ensure the inspector general of police face the other side of the law on their behalf  which indeed, is never in the style of the IGP.  Where nothing was found incriminating at the end of all exercise?   But to many of us out there, it is normal, in-so-far it did not affect us directly but then, if it affects others, heaven will then not fall, since it not them.

 There is these understanding that every action or inactions of the police, in so far it  is done by any individual policeman in the force, whatever comes out of it whether positive or negative, the inspector general must always take the larger part of the burden essentially coming from the court of public opinion and in the event  action is  not taken,  not  allowing the IGP to exercise his authority  in the way it did  with these scenario, it then result into writing fictitious petitions of various kind with painting of more of false perception in other to arouse public sympathy in the way ugochukwu did trying to paint another scenario out from his factious petition in front of Nigerian and  President Buhari .

Nigerians cried aloud about bad leadership but allowing suitably qualified Nigerian officer to manage their security becomes a burden. How can police compromise after making every arrest and matter charged to court in accordance with laws of the land and then, another officer coming to re-arrest those suspect on the same matter after having given a stringent bail condition in the court? Where it claim bail condition that  was given remained ridiculous? Should that manifest under the purview of this present inspector general of police?  With plethora of another factitious petition calpable of derailing the whole process and you want the inspector general to dance to same old tune that is supposed to be determined by court just because one officer is using the name of the inspector general to carry out unlawful action and that should mean the inspector general should harbor such because of one interest and not for Nigeria to which he swore an oath to secure it live and property?

It is while sharing this experience with a friend that he summoned the phrase that is the title of this opinion, in my discussion of unending fictitious petition against the inspector general of police which is calpable of derailing him of those unfolding ideas that he has started among which is the community policing initiative and the yet to be lunched Research, Planning and Development centre’s  from Division down to command and zones? . His idea is that you should not lament; you should think of solution and put up some action however little. The idea of putting up fictitious claims just because some Nigerians are bent on painting people black in other to get what they want is increasingly becoming cynical about the problem of the country justifying leadership distinction to which Ibrahim idris, the inspector general portrays and nothing more!    
 Sammuel A. wrote from Lagos via

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