Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Indicting Me of Corruption Means indicting Your Selves, Jonathan Tells Bolaji Abdullahi, APC Others

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‘’Let it is be known that no court has indicted or convicted me of corruption neither can they do so because I was not corrupt nor I did not loot’’. I have reminded the APC that I have no account or property aboard’’, there is the freedom of information Act signed by my humbled self into law, I urge Bolaji Abdullahi and those who pull his puppet string to take advantage of it in verifying that assertion’’.

 This was the submission of Former Nigeria’s president obtained through his face-book account by our correspondent. Jonathan’s Statement is said to be in reaction to the statement credited to former minister of sport under his administration who had since joined the ruling All progressives party, and at present, it spokesman, where he was quoted as saying ‘’Nobody Could Have Looted like Jonathan’’. 

But in a counter reaction, the former president wondered if it was that his administration is corrupt as claimed by Abdullahi, what it interprets coming from his then minister of sport who actually work under him and being a cabinet member in his administration before he was shown the way out. Dr Jonathan said by indicting his administration, Mallam Adudulahi should also indict himself, saying after all, he Abdullahi did not resign from that government until he was sacked.
‘’it is funny that no evidence of looting has ever been establish, yet the APC believe I looted, ‘they believe and have publicly said Abacha did not loot’’.

The former president lamented that  after with all said, the country's  perception index of transparency international had not improved  since 2014  after he made frantic efforts at improving it and wondered why the opposition party  and his ‘’sacked’’ Minister never deemed it fit at improving it from where it was at 138 till present
‘’it is sad for the APC to claim that its hands were tied by court forcing the government  to authorize the release of 48 houses sized from Timipre Sylva, a major APC donor and chieftain’’
The Former president said such stories should only be told to children on the TV programme.

‘’we ask Nigerians to note that  even when the same court ordered to release on bail Col, Sambo Dasuki and sheikh Ibrahim el-Zak-Zaki, these individuals were not released in defiance of court orders
Jonathan wondered if it is that APC chooses which court order to obey based on how much the person involved has donated to the party.

He said that Mallam Abdullahi who knows the truth regrettably continues with the propaganda  with the phrase that Jonathan said ‘’stealing is not corruption’’ A man who had served under our Administration when all said accrued and was unable to give proper account is regrettable, the former president added.

He said this administration had budgeted about 1.4trn in the last two years and wondered why Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi is unable to tell Nigerians what the APC government has done with the money.

‘’A government that harbors a man who was indicted by duly constituted judicial commission and even makes him a minister has no moral authority to point fingers at other’’

He appeal to the former minister and APC to focus on explaining to Nigerians why despite the fact that it claims to have recovered almost 2trillion from jonathans administration, Nigeria still want to borrow 1.6 trillion.

‘’with the Amount recovered, Nigeria should have had enough to borrow and little extra on top to lend to others and if not, it should  be assume that it only succeeded in riding on propaganda to power and that which has become so difficult for to use while in power’’.

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