Monday, 11 September 2017

Custom Operatives Discovered Arms with False Declaration Concealed with Water Closets At Tin-can Port

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The operatives of Nigeria custom service intelligent unit had yet again discovered another large chunk of arm riffles concealed with water closet during routine monitoring of its activities at the tin can port. The said raffles came with 1x20ft container with registration number GESU2555208 in various specification raging from Black Pump Action Riffles (600pcs), Silver Pump Action Rifles (300pcs) and plastic single Barrel hunting Gun Pump Action Rifles (200pcs) totalling one-thousand, one hundred Routed from Turkey.

Conducting Journalists round the seized items containing those riffles, the comptroller General of customs Hammed Ali said the container conveying the goods was previously not listed for examination and that it was meant to be positioned with other containers for the day’s examination where it was observed that the seal of the said container had already been cut-off and it padlocked removed! ‘’this was how men of the operative became suspicious and immediately transferred the container to enforcement in other for proper examination’’

Hammed said the bill of lading was discovered to be false which has another content  embedded that was indicating wash-hand basin and water closets as against what was inside the container in reality. He said already, officers in the service that was being fingered has been arrested and are undergoing investigation. ''the service will do everything posible to fish-out all those remotely connected to this devlish importation''. 
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He said this development is coming at a time when the nation is undergoing some security challenges, believes it’s a clear indication that there are indeed some elements who do not believe in the unity, peace and well-being of Nigerians, saying he will not make them rest, until they turn a new leaf.

‘’These particular seizure being the third in the series of Arms seizures within the period of eight months in  this year, present an all time high of triumph Nigeria customs had over those evil forces ‘’.

Continuing, the comptroller general (CG) said the audacity of those criminals to think that they can succeed in smuggling such quantity of deadly weapon into the country calls  for inclusive responsibility by all and sundry.’’ Shipping Agencies and terminals operators must wake up to support the service and nip in the bud every attempt to smuggle such dangerous items into the county henceforth, he added!

Recall, that 661 pump actions was earlier intercepted along Apapa from the operative where in-addition; it also seized similar container with same riffles amounting to 440 pump action in this year running. 

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