Thursday, 21 September 2017

After Increased Surveillance, Custom Operatives Uncovers Another Container Loaded with 470 Rifles


Following increased Surveillance coming with more stricter measures toward the route through which large chunks of seizures of rifles was earlier intercepted at the nation's seaport, the operatives of Nigeria custom in Tin-can island Port has again uncovered another large chunk of rifles with Pump-action specifications numbering about 470 Pieces with container No.CMAU189817/8.

The custom, after maintaining its eagle eyes with strict profiling on  consignments coming from the Republic of Turkey, its eventually gave birth to what it succeeded in presenting to Nigerians today, Hammed Ali, Custom Comptroller general stated

Narrating how it all happened to journalists, the custom controller General, said after it discovered that every past experience it had that lead to large chunk of seizures was particularly from the Republic of Turkey, he then gave strict  directive that  beamed more searchlight on every consignment coming from that route and here we are, another seizure of another rifle with numbering about 470 is uncovered.

‘’What we did was to quarantine the said container and ensure stricter analysis after transferring it to enforcement unit where hundred percent examination was conducted and what was discovered, is having in it a large chunk of rifles where force declaration is made in its bill of lading as to what was embedded in the said container’’.

Hammed Ali said the discovery brings to a total of two-thousand, seven hundred and one rifles seized within last eight month of this year.
‘’while the audacity of those criminals is to think that they can succeed in smuggling dangerous weapon into the country  is what they know how to do best, the consolation is that the new Nigeria custom service is now more responsive and capable in meeting the challenges Posed by those criminals’’

Hammed maintain that Nigerians must rise up and remain vigilant with resolute to deal decisively with enemies of the nation, says this is what government requires from all its citizens.
He said following suspicion of those criminals wanting to use another entry point after it has become increasingly difficult of penetrating Nigeria ports, Ali said the service is Presently at Critical alert, and that all directives have been given to custom area comptrollers to do the needful.

Policies of reward for good deeds and punishment for those who compromise will continue under my leadership’’ we shall re-invigorate all efforts to fish out all those directly or remotely connected with those dangerous importers; he added.

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