Monday, 21 August 2017

‘’Our Resolve in One Nigeria Was Nationalistic in The Way Ojukwu and I discussed’’-Buhari

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''After joining partisan politics, Ojukwu came and stayed as my guest in my home town Daura, had Over two days of lengthy discussions about one Nigeria that transcends through  the night and we eventually agreed  that indeed one Nigeria is just the way’’.

This was contained in message the president delivered to Nigerians in his five minutes broadcast in the early hours of today. President Buhari's  submission may be connected to those fueling crisis across the country and making relentless efforts at causing disintegration to which the president aptly frowns at when he said Nigeria’ s unity is settled and not negotiable.

Continuing, President Buhari said he welcome's robust and lively  discussion on  the affairs of the country but was distressed to notice that some of the comments especially on the social media is calpable of disintegrating the country. ‘’ I was distressed when i noticed that some of the comments especially in the social media have crossed our national red lines by daring the question on  our collective existence as a nation’’ says,  it is step taken too far!

Describing those bent on putting the country into chaos, ''the president said those behind it are  irresponsible elements who, after fueling trouble to an unbearable extent, run away and saddle others with the responsibility of bringing back order, if necessary with their blood
President Buhari assures that Nigerians has the right to live and pursue their legitimate businesses anywhere in the country without any hindrance.’’ I believe that every vast Nigerians shares this view, that is not to deny that there  is no legitimate concerns’’, every group has a grievance, but the beauty and attraction of a federation is that ,it allows different groups to air their grievances and work out a mode of co-existence’’

He said the national Assembly and the council of state are the legitimate bodies to approve national discourse, he was however salient whether he hopes to push for it or not but said it is better to be together than live apart.

On securing properties and lives of the people, the president charged the nation's security agencies not to relent on the successes achieved in the last eighteen months to be a sign to relax, urging them to remain steafast in the cause of their duties. ‘’Terrorism and criminals must be fought and destroyed through  relentless efforts so that the majority of us can live in peace and safety’’.  ‘’ethnic violence fuelled by political mischief makers shall be tackled as well’’ the president added!

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