Monday, 21 August 2017

Kyari As Nemesis And Hero

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‘’In our monthly Gallant officer intelligentsia in urban crime lens, we consider outstanding officers with distinct; we equally value experiences judging from   Training, Operation, Administration, Doctrines and expertise in information communication Technology Compliance as justification.

The  first  officer we presented to our esteemed viewers was ACP Abba Kyari and based on pupular demand, The editorial board thought it wise to rebroadcast  to our esteemed viewers again as requested  via feedback messages recieved:

 Abba Kyari, who indeed, has risen our hope essentially that policing in Nigeria’s context can yield  positive response with  (ICT) compliance, in this, we have seen many out pouring’s of  results’’, WRITES Olusegun Ariyo.

Help certainly comes from everywhere but in situations of crime and emergency where surveillance and intelligent gathering are of essence, the only solace we throw our hopes upon is prompt responses of security operatives to burst such scene and create meaningful impacts, far reaching efforts as saving grace essentially  in chaotic situation and that’s where help of such in this kind of scenario could come from.

We all need help,  essentially in an emergency situation and when rapid response are prompts then calamity of high proportions certainly can be avoided to a greater extent. The only spectrum from where one can indeed stand mien and candor essentially, is coming from such herculean task in time of response of any crime scene  which is why  positive results  always come from every tactics inherited during training as crime officer where policing tactics are required essentially in execution of  roles as agent of protection in any given society and its importance of how crimes are busted remains veritable tool that any cop should dare to acquire.

Defending those in chaotic  and helpless situation, preventing lives and properties are essentially what is needed  from the rudiments of any policing techniques in sustaining lives, and that can only be acquired in training and then exhibiting it as at when due becomes a justification.

Molding it significantly through operations of different kind and creating impact remains another thing entirely, majority of where we found lacuna leading to kidnapping this days  in Nigeria can be farfetched!, crime boosting with due advantage on soft targets arena and other little theft cases come as result of inexperience’s in utilization of so many techniques that those operations may requires in response time, and which is what has  eventually made numerous operations becomes unsuccessful. Individual module’s operandi matters, its applicability with various methodical approaches too, are of significance in live saving situation.

What is therefore of importance, is the vast understanding; that  quick time response couple with intelligent gathering through surveillance, not minding which ever location or environmental consideration but  that which  can certainly  yields instant results in every emergency situation in any crime scene which  is what can justify any impacts in any chaotic situation.

Taking closer look in various crime scenes in various state of the federation, many ardent watchers would have come to terms with ‘’on time response  of how Abba Kyari has been very useful in all said directions where information communication techniques tools implored had given it an edge to policing the country’s flash points areas.

Until recently, it was the kidnapping of chief Olufalae, former NADECO chieftain, who was apprehended in his farm and the team of the former inspector General of police headed by Abba Kyari, putting its know how into reality to which then yields positive result with good outcome, the scenario that also played out in Ikorodu where some group of young men forced their way into Babington Ashaye,  Macaulay junior Seminar school, kidnapped four female student, and where ransom is being demanded for, also meet with their Waterloo when the hand of nemesis catch up with them with same gallants efforts of Abba Kyari.

What is more, of importance indeed is challenging one-self in every endeavor of life and nature, doing that also means, not only by completing a vacant position that is obviously needs more competence and you are found wanting, where at the end, your impact is not felt by both your employee and environments in its entirety . Baba, as fondly called by millions of his Admirer, Acp Abba Kyari, remains a veritable source of golden image of Nigeria police which is what is gradually redefining the portraits of the police and has shown that indeed the knowledge acquired in training is worthy of being a stepping stone in carrying out a complete balance in any life saving operation that is having the height of risk in it with various techniques that has since been yielding results and still continuing. According to one of his admirer on social media, describing him as ‘’police man made in heaven’’, true, any individual impressed with such significant impacts with coming from those experiences, bringing them into reality can be described as such, indeed, not many could it within those time frame and hours of relieving kidnapped individuals from the dens of their assailants, and if one has done such, we should all applaud it’’ said another commentator on social media.

Others believes his exits from the state of Lagos is costly, in that, given the nature of the state with having larger concentration of cosmopolitan  population , which indeed, is synonymous with crime remain challenging as it is all over the world and can be considered as  a blow to individuals too many. ‘’ States like Lagos with high tendencies of crime truly needs sophisticated officers like him, ‘’observers believe.

His understanding of surveillance even in different terrain, also is what lead to the apprehension of those king pin that picked up the mother of the former minister of finance, Dr Okonjo iweala, his tactics  also paid off during armed robbery attacks in Agbara, Festac, Lekki and okota Aerpo respectfully.

Bringing information communication technology device to bear, couple with his  training background with vast approaches and techniques in busting crime remains one thing Nigeria police must focus on, in dealing with crimes in its approach  toward saving lives, and its must be something that must be encouraged by allowing such individual be in strategic position with large concentration of population are abound, and where policing is in high demand, with this, those under him can learn, explore and implement some of those experiences  and tactics independently and not the other way round where skills that are needed in cities are being kept in the remote areas it needs are less significant given the levels of crime and becomes worthless for other officers that may need to learn those skills  and where also skills of such are needed at the same time becomes less useful.

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