Saturday, 15 July 2017

‘’Our fundamental Human Right is Being Breached’’, Oke Ogun Polytechnic Students Cries Out

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‘’We are gathered in our usual manner to organise tutorials for ourselves as means of preparing for our semester exams in a primary school located some kilometer away from our main campus and  what came afterwards, was the arrival  of the  campus school security chief officer, Mr. faniran of the students Affairs Department and other unknown individuals who came to the primary school premise and obtain our phones, taking photo-shots, identity cards and request we follow them to the institution's premises without finding anything incriminating after all said and done and thought what was right instead, is to give us suspension of a whole semester just because we are gathered having tutorials’’

This was the submission of Oke Ogun polytechnic student in a protest letter written to the special adviser to the Governor of Oyo state on youth and sport matter to which copy is obtained by urban express news online.
The students, numbering about fifteen in a letter signed said right from time, it was the norms for students moving to primary schools for tutorial and that there has never been any infringements recorded in time immemorial what so ever to which this writer could also testify given that he was once a student of the old college when it was faculty of environmental studies under ‘’ Polytechnic Ibadan’’ before it was elevated to Oke Ogun polytechnic.

‘’in the protest letter written, the students claimed that they are law abiding students and  that there was nothing criminalizing found after searching them and the whole premises and wondered why after all said, the  School Authority were so quick to set up Student Disciplinary committee and gave damming verdict of suspending them for a semester, a development the student said was more than meet the eyes and ask the honorable special adviser to come to their rescue by investigating properly in order to unravel the truth behind the allegation.
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Accordingly, the students said it was on Thursday 29th of June 2017 and that it was in broad day light, queried what would have metamorphosed their action all of a sudden, where they claim nothing incrementing was found after it did thorough search on them and the premises In question, but alleged the authority was quick to melt out suspension on them without any justification. The student said it would have been the law enforcement agents that the authority should have resort it grievances too in order for balance investigation, as it allege there was more to their action, as they fervently  claim in their use of word that it has nothing to hide as their mission was simply for tutorials but wondered why the management was quick to set up a disciplinary committee and handed dawn a suspension of whole semester on them without the disciplinary committee finding anything  implicating them against the law binding them with school management, ‘’saying the whole idea was a breach of their fundamental human right, asking the honorable special adviser to come to their aid and dispense  justice in order that future occurrence of such is not allowed again.

 Urban express news, In wanting to get more clarifications on the matter, Our correspondent sort to ask from the school Authority where a call is put through to the Rector, and all he said was that he hardly speak to journalist, directing that our correspondent discuss with students affairs on the matter and all effort put to use reaching those at the student affairs proved abortive.   

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