Wednesday, 5 July 2017

An Amazing Landscape of forest City in China

Liuzhou Forest City from Stefano Boeri
With about fourty thousand and nearly one million plants of various species, Liuzhou, located in eastern china had it city surrounded with forest with friendly impacts on both habitat and inhabitants.

 For one to be familiar with the latest architectural trends, it  buildings planted with trees and bushes on each floors has some elements of imputes of landscape architectural master piece. The designer, an Italian Boeri said the tree was aligned with construction work on Liuzhou forest city to give another concept of unique styles that balance nature with life; it stretches over 175 hectares along Liujiang River.
Liuzhou Forest City with station from a bird's eye
 According to the Boeri, the planned city consists of plenty building with extensive space. Stefano Boeri said it aim to connect forest city with electric cars, driving on a fast rail. He said the focus is not only on greenery and emission free mobility. He said the objective of energy self –sufficiency be achieved through mobility where it can probably be achieve through renewable like geothermal energy or solar panels on the roofs.

 ‘’for residence, it is interesting to know how maintenance and plant care is organised through safety with reliable solution to protect people from falling branches. 

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