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Orile Agege General Hospital as Choice for Community Health delivery Needs of its inhabitants

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The initial perception about the doubt many has in hospital management ability coming with mixed reaction that greets the negative faces of many public hospital developments in the state of Lagos has left some set of individuals patronizing them recently with wow experience, jaw dropping and others gasping with breath, coming with surprises in its change to new positive developmental drive, different from the way things are done in the past. Many observer’s  views at present, is that, there is drastic change in doing things differently  coming with efficiency in public relation, high spirit of motivation amongst nurses presently @orile Agege hospital in discharge of  its duty, which many believes has been negative before, essentially, when putting into account  its  ordeal  with other general hospitals within Lagos metropolis compared to what they are currently experiencing at the hospital, coming with swift responses in community health delivery, quality managements in  medical, surgical and emergency ward, essentially when the need arise as distinguishing features. Others visiting the hospital also narrate their experience in the way Those Nurses are handling patients with professional touch at the hospital to Urban Express News Online. Olusegun Ariyo, in these Report, sort to inquire about those amazement that stands the hospital tall among its peers, and that which influence the thoughts of those that accompanied their patients to the said hospital in their curiosity to ask whether indeed, Orile Agege  is actually public or private hospital.

Health, they say is wealth. This is certainly not conceivable in situation when one find it difficult to access good health care delivery within its community in time of emergency and where one is unable to do so. The importance of health care needs is said to come with the ability to manage hospital facilities, producing an up-to-date state of facilities, is when those managing it do not see its importance and the need to safe life where one can beat its chest and affirm truly, that indeed health is wealth.

 So many health sectors today in our community is struggling with sub-standard hospital facilities with poor management, it’s either there personnel’s are ineffective or insufficient to meet with the demands of it population of one certain community where- with, such hospital is situated. Making life unbearable for its host community and where health care needs and delivery become in-accessible, then the word health is wealth becomes nothing other than deadly, instead. 

The analogy these narrative project is that people become helpless, death rate jerk up steadily, inhabitants become miserable, whilst death rates become high over birth, hence individual no longer have access to good health care delivery as result of lack of standard such development possesses. When wealth become secured is where life is saved with having standard hospital facilities where efficient infrastructural need is put in place for every society to beacon, in time when there is emergency that is having thin line between life and death, to sustain with maximum capacity of saving lives with best practice support system and other related means that matter to living. Management as it relates to efficiency of health care delivery is  said to be the best approach to super service delivery essentially when it has something to do with health  even before wealth counts. Having such in place means those patients are better for it, putting together also, the highly rated nurse whose pedigrees is  in line with the ethics of their profession, can be one of the best input any quality health care Centre could boost of, in giving quality health care delivery to its inhabitants.

 This was indeed the word coming from Mr. Etok Aniete, whose first child came through caesarian section at the maternity ward of Orile Agege hospital, said he got to hear about Orile Agege hospital through his friend whose residency is within the proximity advantaged area of the hospital. Hear him; I want to thank God for this information channeling my thought to Orile Agege hospital for my family health care needs. Today, I am grateful to the management for ensuring that after delivery of our baby, there was no complication, the nurses were wonderfully made, and are excellent in their professional discharge, even in time when I was panicking, and their word of advice doused the tension in me.

 ‘’These experience was also part of  what this writer encountered during delivery of his child, which it decided to put his journalistic instinct into bare to prude  further about  how others in different  wards are feeling aside of its personal encounter  of maternity ward  superlative performance department, justifying  whether indeed, others too, has similar experience. When urban express online visited surgical ward, it was the same feeling. One of its patient who prefer his name not mentioned said the nurses here are amazing, the perception  many of us have  about general hospital in the state of Lagos has changed with the way things are handled here.’’ This ward has the best amenities, in fact if you move outside as we speak, there are renovations going on everywhere, what I observed  is that those safety net that are being remove can still serve its responsibility, but the managements in its wisdom had decide to change it, this simply means that the hospital management are very conscious of the health needs of the people. Unlike others, ‘’you will come to cure one ailment and then return home with another’’ but these is not the case with surgical ward here. Another individual who simply wish to be called Alhaja Mariana, came to the emergency ward as result of her son involvement in motorcycle accident.

 Narrating her experience, she told urban express news that what amazes her was their proactive response when the accident occurs. ‘’when I had about the incident, what came to mind was first going to the scene where the accident happened, but to my surprise  after arriving  at the spot, I was told the victims were already at Orile Agege hospital, taking treatments and responding very well. Prodding further, an aged woman with partial paralysis moving with wheel chair known as mama Ebun also told urban express news her experience since her stay in surgical ward. Mama Ebun said her predicament of not having much for hospital expenses where she was initially attending serves as justification to opt for public hospital. Accordingly, she said every of her medical historical record is at the other private hospital she was attending, and that it was because her children could no longer pay the bill was her decision of opting to come to Orile Agege, and it was never a bad idea.

 ‘’They serve food here and it is amazing, doctors attend to me as at when due, what else do one require in ailment of this nature if not being proactive, she reiterated! The importance attached to life was exactly the reason the saying puts it succinctly that indeed health is wealth! If one is not healthy, the ability to do exploit remains in mirage, making sure that healthiness remains what is required in human body must need managements  efficiency and steadfastness of these kind  in the way we have seen it work at Orile Agege general hospital for us to indeed say truly, health is wealth. 

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