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Nigeria and Burden of Governance;Faces and Culture with Olusegun Ariyo Email;dudumania4life@yahoo.com.au sms Only 0806543962

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‘’Hilary is not somebody who fears the future. She believes that it is ours to shape. The same way it’s always been. Hilary understands that we make our own destiny, as long as we’re together. As long as we think of ourselves not as just a collection of individuals or a collection of interest group or a collection of states, but as the united states of America. She knows our economy work best not when it only benefit a few at the top, but when everybody’s got fair shot at success’’ President Obama.
The importance of governance sincerely serves the purpose to which president Obama was quoted in the aftermath of the concluding part of primary election that saw Hilary’s victory at the just concluded primary election that took place in the United States.

 The narrative remains what the American people understand for as long as they are together, there common interest is simply the unification that serves as motivation in choosing the best candidates in every of its key positions which to me  dignifies  to serve majority’s purpose. Analyzing and looking further, there is no gain saying that every future plan execution of policies in that country are put as front burner as selling points, the contenders are prepared in this regard with Sharpe focus of how  every of its possibilities its intend to execute when in power are implemented and then legacies are left. How those plans are to be executed, implemented and redirected if needs be, is top most priority for all contenders during and after of rigors of primary campaign.

 The American people in these case are the ultimate judge, going through their primaries, there was neither any comment coming from the current president Obama to favor either the contestants, level playing ground are encouraged, the people’s sovereignty trust is sustainable, guided and tailored to destination. The contenders, Hilary and sanders, coming from Democratic Party as well as Donald Trump had clear cut vision of how it intends to execute every policy objectives both are bringing to the table for the American people.

This are the reason the practice of democracy is about development toward improving the wellbeing of people with intrinsic value, society norms and active participation of people in government which remains of great importance of development. Doubtless, many citizens see ours back home as macro dimensions of problems that is so overwhelming that those seeking solution to good governance sometimes ignore the micro aspect. After all, it is the macro issues that readily hit the headlines. 

Everyone is probably overawed by the extensive desert that no one sees some oases dotting the land. There is legitimate impartiality in leadership about religion, ethnicity and interest in , allocation, collection , collation and distribution of wealth through leading by example that is yet to transform into tangible result; since the larger perception and understanding is that no one should reckon with  persistence silent impact of the intangibles, but in our everyday life in Nigeria, those contending issues affect almost everything, the elites political game had successfully covered it with permanent towel, not even tangle issues  that affects its people are allowed to the see the light of the day in most cases, the ignoble issues of capital expenditure of overhead cost are hugged, and is rather put  as front burner, in fighting’s for personal interest  and gains as against the collection of states with wider reach unification that the country needs, instead, things that are of less paramount to individuals carry’s the day. Recently, it was the governor of edo state, showing concern in the spate of religious and ethnic barrier to which he urge his people to disregard in their decision of choosing who to vote for in its upcoming gubernatorial election. 

This malady mentioned had never had it good with the entity called Nigeria; its leaders are those that are more or less the culprits, if looking at it from the views of Chinua Achebe. Judging also from an interview with news watch magazine in 1993, when late president Umar yar’adua contended ‘’a lot of the prejudices that northerners have for the southerner do not exist. They are just prejudices, built over the years for political gains. Also, a lot of these prejudices southerners have for northerners do not exist.., those things were things people built deliberately, anybody who actually thinks about it knows that it prejudices doesn’t exist’’ whereas tribalism, political sentiment are designed by some politician, these political leadership has become an  instrument through which its win political gain cheaply and also, for personal political goals, it is while sharing experience with a friend and lecturer Dr Oyewole Fagbohun  that he summed the phrase  that  governance problem is engineer by many of our leaders in the struggle for  cheap political gains. The other day on African independent television on its public Affairs programme on issues of ethnic crisis between ijaw and Warri, chief  Frederick fasheun puts it as being politically motivated, he believes that they the elites have created and would continue to create  what he called artificial barriers which ought not to be in the first place.

 Our collective resolve as people is anchored on the conflicting twist of ethnicity, religion that is being fuelled by the elites. The progress of nation’s development is determined by leadership and equity in Allocation, collection, collation and distribution of wealth and where there is no compromise, as it has becomes the norms given the views of many observers that indeed leadership and corruption in Nigeria are intertwined, and that they are embedded in each other, there is no known time where corruption stands alone, they work side by side. This is In contrast with that of the perception of United States in the way its politician sees its self and what they project, where there focus lies, essentially about this realization that everybody must get short at successes made in its outcome election. Some so called Leaders in positions, remains the  part of what is described elites that knows many of what others seems not understand, and if, it becomes that manipulation is encouraged, how then do one describe these  type of elitist? Or are we saying those in political rigmarole of the United States are not as same in the elitist position as ours?

  Why is our own thinking different from the ideological connectivity that plays in their own electioneering campaigns is in contrast with in ours, where you find more of promises with failed result but theirs, whenever promises are made, the media, community based organisations and the people are always holding  them accountable, but ours, you will see ethnicity in the play, worst still  is  the issue religion sentiments and where instrument of power becomes the instrument of individual welding its stick on whoever is perceived to be its enemy?  And then, at the end, Nigerians are those that will suffer for it?  There is also the understanding that manipulation also is tailored through ethnic and religious consideration with corruption, where standard are not put as front burner in position of leadership and that which becomes that standard is compromised, where in return, yield poor outcome and those who voted are always at the receiving end. in reality, challenges of good  governance would persist, where in the absence of genuine leadership, there lies the  impossibility to formulate national idea that should upheld national culture, whereas  national culture forms the basis of attitudes to productivity and social value and priorities which  essentially should  mold the word ethnic and economic discipline, where it would create the psychological climate under which investment operates, and if we must know Without it economic plans would not lack the requisite nourishment for sustained and sustainable growth as against  what is currently being experienced in the united states. 

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